Hair Color of the Year for 2023

Champagne Blonde with A Kiss of Rose
Various shades of blonde have been trending in the last couple of years, and hairstylists, celebrities, and influencers have started adjusting the color for a more natural and softer appeal that suits all skin tones, hair types, and hair textures.
Redken, the number one* professional hair brand in the United States, and pioneer in professional hair care and color, is making it easier than ever before to go "Champagne Blonde" by expanding its popular Shades EQ hair gloss collection. To celebrate the trending hair color, Redken has officially chosen "Champagne Blonde with A Kiss of Rose" as the hair color of the year for 2023.
With more than 60% growth in online searches and over 60,000 hashtags, Champagne Blonde is a rapidly expanding hair color trend. Made popular by influencers and celebrities around the US, you can't miss the hair color on social media feeds. To create the champagne hue in the past, hairdressers had to mix multiple shades to achieve this custom hair color.
Today, Redken takes the guesswork out of the color-mixing process by introducing the new Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside Gold Rose Family. The three new Gold Rose shades help stylists to easily create a custom Champagne Blonde color, called "Champagne Blonde with a Kiss of Rose." The Gold Rose Family shades are formulated with a perfect mix of gold and delicate rose reflects and boost the champagne hair color trend by creating brilliant and reflective blonde hues with a twist.
The Gold Rose shades provide a distinctive, contemporary blonde finish that is suitable for all skin tones, hair types, and hair textures. "Champagne Blonde with A Kiss of Rose" is a beautiful golden shade, with very subtle hints of rose. Redken's Shades EQ Bonder Inside Gold Rose Family features three new shades - Sparkling Wine (010GRo), Blush Spritz (09GRo) and Golden Fizz (07GRo) – and will make it easy to enjoy the hair color of the year. The gold tonal breakdown of these shades brings a warm feeling without any yellowish tints and increases the brightness. The rose tonal breakdown is adjusted to match natural undertones at each level and provides a subtle rose reflection.
Hair color of the year
Matt Rez, Redken Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Colorist, says: "One of my favorite blonde colors for 2023 is Champagne Blonde with a Kiss of Rose because it is the perfect blend of gold and added soft rose tones. It is a soft, neutral color, with a strong emphasis on shine, that resembles a glass of your favorite sparkling drink. It's a blonde that looks good on everyone!"
The Gold Rose Family is the latest addition to the well-established Redken Shades EQ collection, which is used by both consumers professionals. For over 40 years, Redken has been a leader in professional hair gloss and is considered an expert in hair color. Redken's Shades EQ Gloss is a top demi-permanent color in the United States and is the preferred hair gloss for over 400,000 professional hairstylists. The success of Redken's Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside is primarily driven by blonding and strengthening - the gloss helps repair fragile bonds that are more prone to breaking.
Redken Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside
Backed by science and recommended by experts, the revolutionary formula of Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside tones and repairs in one step**. It is equipped with a Triple Acid Complex of Citric Acid, Taurine and Erythorbic Acid. In just 20 minutes, a Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside service makes hair look and feel healthier. Consumers will enjoy intense conditioning, shine, and long-lasting color results. In fact, the lighter they dare to go, the more protection the Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside will provide. This is perfect for anyone looking to try out the hair color of the year with the new Gold Rose shades. Being a semi-permanent hair color, results last four to six weeks. This makes Shades EQ the perfect service to try out a new color. Maintain your hair's healthy feel and keep your color vibrant by using Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate Line at home between salon appointments.
Go to to find out more about Redken's Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside Gold Rose Family and use Redken's Shades EQ Salon Finder feature to locate a salon near you.
* Based on the 2021 edition of Kline's Salon Hair Care Global Series, among brands selling shampoos, conditioners, hair color, hair styling and hair texturizing products.
** vs. without Shades EQ Gloss Bonder Inside.
Source: Redken via PR Newswire
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