Drew Barrymore graces boxes of Garnier Nutrisse

Drew Barrymore for Garnier Nutrisse
Garnier Nutrisse, the renowned hair color brand, proudly announces Drew Barrymore as the face – and hair – of its signature Nutrisse 70 (Dark Natural Blonde) shade. Stepping into the role of Brand Ambassador, Barrymore, known for her ever-changing hair hues, has found solace in Nutrisse 70, describing it as the perfect match for her everyday lifestyle – an effortlessly maintainable color that also guarantees 100% gray coverage.
Garnier Nutrisse unveils its revamped Nourishing Color Crème kit, a testament to the brand's commitment to nourished hair and enhanced color. The new formula boasts a blend of five fruit oils – avocado, olive, shea, argan, and coconut oil. The brand's shade selector tool empowers customers to find their ideal Nutrisse shade effortlessly.
Barrymore, expressing her love for the product, emphasizes the importance of low-maintenance hair color in her routine. "Having low-maintenance hair color is crucial for me, as I color my hair every few weeks. Garnier Nutrisse is easy to use, and it nourishes my hair while providing amazing coverage in under 30 minutes," she shares. As part of her role with Garnier, Barrymore took a hands-on approach, ensuring that the Nutrisse 70 shade on the box truly reflects her personal color preferences. "My face is on the box! How cool. I'm happy to be a part of a brand family that understands people want the same fabulous results they see on their screens, at home. And they make it easier for them, and me, to achieve that."
Garnier Nutrisse box 70 - Drew Barrymore dark natural blonde shade
Ali Fakih, Senior Vice President at Garnier, praises Barrymore's dynamic partnership, emphasizing her authenticity that resonates with millions of fans. "Drew is such a dynamic partner – she is a star that remains relatable to her millions of fans because she is authentic in everything she does. Her role with Garnier is no different. She actually colors her own hair at home and worked closely with our team on the campaign to launch her face on the Nutrisse Shade 70 box. We are all so excited to see it come to fruition."
Garnier Nutrisse, a pioneer in affordable, at-home hair color, holds a decades-long legacy, positioning itself as a celebrity in the world of hair care. With Barrymore gracing the Nutrisse 70 box, the iconic tagline has evolved to 'Nourished Hair. Famous Color.' The collaboration extends beyond traditional advertising, with Barrymore starring in engaging videos for digital and social media. The campaign aims to inspire users and creators to share their Nutrisse experiences, making them feel famous in their own right.
The refreshed Nutrisse packaging featuring Drew Barrymore is set to roll out nationally, making its debut at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and other food and mass drugstores across the country. For those eager to explore more about Garnier, the improved Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème formula, and the exciting partnership with Drew Barrymore, a wealth of information awaits at www.garnierusa.com.
Source: Garnier USA via PR Newswire
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