Boxy Balayage: A New Trend in Hair Coloring

Boxy Balayage
Ashlyn Munson's Boxy Balayage - Photo: Nancy Micheals
In the realm of hair coloring, innovation is key. Enter the Boxy Balayage, a groundbreaking technique invented by master hair colorist Bee Sam of Bee Sam Beauty, based in Vancouver, Washington. This fresh approach combines the popular balayage coloring method with precise box-shaped sectioning, resulting in a stunning burst of color and dimension.
Unlike traditional balayage, where color is applied freehand to achieve a natural sun-kissed look, the Boxy Balayage takes a more structured approach. The hair is carefully pre-sectioned into box formations, allowing the colorist to work on one section at a time with precision. This method opens up a world of creative possibilities, enabling the colorist to experiment with multiple colors arranged in intricate patterns.
Bee Sam explains the inspiration behind the technique, stating, “I wanted to offer my clients something truly unique, so I thought outside the box—quite literally. By pre-sectioning the hair into box formations, we're able to achieve imaginative results that stand out from traditional techniques.”
One of the key advantages of the Boxy Balayage is its versatility. It can be used for subtle gray blending or for making a bold statement with vibrant fashion colors. Each Boxy Balayage is customized to the individual, ensuring a one-of-a-kind look that suits their personality and style.
Boxy Balayage box formation and processing
Before, Pre-sectioned box formation and processing
As images of the Boxy Balayage spread across social media, it's quickly becoming a sought-after service at Bee Sam Beauty. Bee Sam emphasizes that no two Boxy Balayages are alike, offering clients the opportunity to experiment with different hair color combinations while still maintaining a seamlessly blended appearance.
Bee Sam, renowned for her expertise in hair coloring, has been serving clients in the Pacific Northwest since 2014. Operating from her private salon in Vancouver, WA, she continues to push the boundaries of hair artistry with the latest techniques and trends. Whether it's highlights, going blonde, gray blending, or corrective color, Bee Sam prides herself on delivering cutting-edge results.
Visit her Boxy Balayage page to discover more about this innovative technique that's transforming the world of hair coloring!
Before and After Boxy Balayage:
Gray blending balayage
Gray Blending Boxy Balayage
Gray blending balayage
Bold and Bright Boxy Balayage
Gray blending balayage
Extra Dimensional Boxy Balayage
Boxy Balayage FAQs:
• What sets apart a Boxy Balayage from a traditional balayage?
A Boxy Balayage involves pre-sectioning the hair into box formations before painting each section with two or more colors, including balayage lightener, to create depth and dimension. Conversely, a traditional balayage entails painting sections of hair individually without pre-sectioning. While traditional balayage aims for a natural sun-kissed effect, the Boxy Balayage aims for multi-dimension and an extra wow-factor.
• How many colors can I expect in a Boxy Balayage?
The beauty of the Boxy Balayage lies in its versatility with color. The more colors you opt for, the greater the dimension. Additional balayage lightener enhances depth and movement within the hair. Whether you prefer bold or natural shades, or a blend of both, the Boxy Balayage offers limitless color choices, ensuring each result is uniquely stunning.
• Can I choose to have a Boxy Balayage done just underneath my hair in a shadow box (color blocking)?
Absolutely! A Boxy Balayage underneath, known as a Shadow Boxy Balayage, adds a playful pop of hidden colors. This technique can be further highlighted by wearing the hair up or styling it curled with the hair on top. Additionally, you have the option to layer highlights, balayage, or any other color service on top, allowing for a personalized hair look that complements your Shadow Boxy Balayage underneath.
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