New Biotera Intensive Products

Biotera Intensive products for healthy scalp and hair
New Biotera Intensive products
In a bid to revolutionize scalp care, Zotos Professional's Biotera brand introduces three additions to its scalp-friendly line – the 2:1 Scalp Scrub + Shampoo, 2:1 Cool + Hydrate Balm, and 2:1 Protective Leave-In + Overnight Treatment. These new products mark a significant evolution of the dermatologist-tested Biotera lineup, offering consumers affordable and user-friendly solutions for achieving optimal scalp health.
The release of Biotera's new 2:1 Intensive products reflects the brand's proactive response to the surging awareness among consumers regarding scalp health. The market's escalating demand for specialized care has spurred Biotera to go beyond conventional shampoos and treatments, aligning with the dynamic needs of the modern consumer.
As pioneers in the haircare industry, Zotos Professional takes pride in a nearly 100-year history of innovation. Michelle Ryan, Vice President of Brand Development, emphasizes the brand's commitment to providing accessible scalp care that blends effectiveness with affordability. Biotera strives to make scalp health a daily ritual, resonating with users seeking optimal care for their hair and scalp.
The trio of new 2:1 Intensive products is meticulously designed to complement and optimize the Biotera user's hair care routine. Each product incorporates scalp-friendly formulas enriched with a double dose of the pre- and post-biotic blend of coconut yogurt compared to the existing portfolio, ensuring an enhanced and nourishing experience.
Renowned NYC-based trichologist and professional hairstylist, Shab Caspara, conducted comprehensive tests on the Intensives collection. Caspara underscores the critical role of a healthy scalp in achieving vibrant, full hair. According to Caspara, Biotera's formulas provide the optimal environment for scalp health, a fundamental step toward achieving overall hair wellness.
Biotera's Intensive formulas undergo rigorous dermatologist testing, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality. The products are sulfate-free, vegan, and proudly carry the PETA-Approved certification. This commitment assures consumers that they can trust Biotera for their scalp care needs without compromising on ethical considerations.
The new products:
Biotera 2:1 Scalp Scrub + Shampoo:
• Dual-action Scalp Scrub + Shampoo
• Gentle exfoliation with apricot seeds
• Rich lather removes oil and product build-up
• Boosts volume, softness, and shine
Biotera 2:1 Cool + Hydrate Balm:
• Dual-action conditioner
• Nourishes and softens hair and makes it manageable
• Refreshing cooling sensation with menthol
• Hydrates the scalp for optimal moisture
Biotera 2:1 Protective Leave-In + Overnight Treatment:
• Dual-use as a Protective Leave-In or Overnight Treatment
• Strengthens and protects hair, reducing breakage by over 80%
• Nourishes hair and makes it soft and manageable
• Protects from heat styling up to 450°F
To explore more about the Biotera Intensive Collection, visit the official website.
Source: Zotos Professional via PR Newswire
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