Advanced Lip Color Techniques (3)

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Lip Problems and How to Fix Them:
Thin Lips
Solutions for thin lips
With thin lips, the secret is to apply your lip liner carefully along the outer edge of the lips in order to make them appear larger. Next apply a dual colored application of lip color in the same tone but one shade lighter than the other.
Use the darker tone on the exterior of the lip and then apply the lighter shade to the interior body of the lips (both shades should still be lighter than the shade of your lip liner). This will make the lips look fuller and enhance the overall appearance of the mouth. If you have only one lip that seems thin, you can use this technique on the lip that needs it.
Thick Lips
Solutions for thick lips
In today’s society and with today’s attitudes there is almost no such thing as lips that are too thick. However, balance in the face is important and thick lips can sometimes be overpowering and you need to tone them down a touch. The trick is to apply your lip liner just inside the perimeter of the lips. Follow this with a lip color in a satin finish that closely matches the shade of your lip liner. Keeping the liner and color as close as possible will help to make the lips appear thinner.
As with most cosmetics, the key to making your lips look their best is to practice. Some women won’t feel the need for more than a simple tube of lip color, but when you want to give your look a little punch, take the time to try out some of the different products meant to help you enhance your lips’ appearance. You may find a more kissable you.
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