Advanced Lip Color Techniques (2)

Lip gloss
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Lip Gloss
Lip Glosses are usually thick liquids or gels that have a high level of emollient and moisturizing agents and are designed specifically to give the lips a glossy, wet look. Most lip glosses are clear, though many can be found that are tinted, flavored and fragranced. In fact, among most tinted lip glosses, the color is just dark enough to impart a very little color to the lips along with the high level of shine.
Lip gloss is great for giving the lips a shiny, plumped look. However, they can be at cross purposes when used on thin, or heavily-wrinkled and lined lips. In these cases, the use of lip gloss can make the lines and wrinkles appear more pronounced.
Other Lip Products
Lip Balms are usually colorless, or lightly-tinted wax-based emollients that are designed protect the lips against exposure to sun, wind and other environmental effects. Often seen advertised in Fall and Winter months, lip balms are nothing more or less than good lip care. In practical use, lip balms are good for giving the lips a smooth finish, and can be paired with lip gloss when a high-shine effect is sought (with a hint of color), and can be used in place of lip filler in a pinch (though it doesn’t work quite as well with some other lip products).
Lip Liners are lip color products that are intended to give definition to the shape of the lips. Lip liner can be found as a slim crayon or pencil of wax-based color in a range of shades slightly darker than the normal lip color palette. In rare cases, you may find a liquid lip liner, applied with a brush tipped wand applicator. Lip liner is intended to be applied to the perimeter of the lips (the vermilion) and provide a border for the lip color. Most lip liner is meant to help prevent “bleed” of the lip color in lips that are rimmed by fine lines and wrinkles.
Lip Filler is a specialized product that often appears like a colorless lipstick. Other lip filler products use a neutral color and their primary purpose is to fill-in the lines and ridges that may be present on the lips, leaving a smooth canvas upon which to apply your lip color. It can also help to prevent lip color bleed in older women with many fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
Lip Plumpers are usually found as a two stage product containing a serum that is intended to stimulate the lip’s tissues and cause them to plump and appear fuller. The second stage is generally a glossy color that is then used to give the tint that is desired and add shine to enhance the plumped appearance. There are several of these products on the markets and most have gotten mixed reviews. It is certain that some work better than others, so this is a case where you should do your homework. If you are planning to use a lip plumping product, research them online and check customer reviews on different retailing sites. You’ll be happy to have spent the time instead of the money if you find the product you were planning to buy is considered a waste of money by the majority of its purchasers.
Lip Problems and How to Fix Them:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles (mild to moderate)
Solutions for lips with lines
When dealing with lips that have a few to medium-levels of fine lines and wrinkles, you can use a limp pluper product – if you’ve found one that works for you – or you can use a lip filler along with a lip color. Be sure to line the lips carefully, then apply your lip filler. Your top coat will be your lip color product. In these cases, I recommend using a satin finish product so that you can have some shine without risk of enhancing the lines and making the lips look older.
Severe Lines and Wrinkles
When the lines and wrinkles are heavier than average, you want to use your lip filler first and then apply the lip liner carefully. Once these steps are complete, apply your lip color using a matte formula product. The lack of gloss will help the lines and wrinkles fade beneath the surface of the color and give a more youthful look to the mouth.
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