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Mascara application
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Mascara is one of the most prevalent cosmetics in use in today’s society. A tinted moisturizer, light lip color and a tube of mascara are all some women rely on to get them through the day. Mascara is wonderful for what it does, which is to brighten and open the look of the eyes. It accomplishes this by depositing color onto the lashes making them appear darker.
Newer advances in cosmetic chemistry have resulted in mascara formulas that not only darken the lashes but actually coat and thicken them, and in some cases even making them longer. Long, full lashes have always been a sigh of youth and allure, and therefore are more than a little desired.
Applying mascara is best done after you’ve applied your eye shadow and eye liner, since the common formulation of most eye shadows is as a powder, which can dull the results of mascara if it is applied afterward. No one wants to have their lashes look “dusty”.
The secret to a good looking mascara application is the definition and separation of the lashes. Some mascara formulas come with applicators that will make that easy. In other events, you may need to apply your mascara, allow it to dry, and then use an eyelash comb (or eyelash brush) and separate the lashes. A second coat of mascara post comb-out can be used if desired, followed by a second comb-though as needed.
Eye Brow Pencil
The eyebrow pencil is probably one of the most misunderstood cosmetics on the market. I say that because I see it misused more often than almost any other cosmetic. Many women think of is as the ‘magic marker’ for the eyebrow, and try to use it to draw eyebrows on where they think they should be.
Sadly, I actually grew up knowing a very sweet, and otherwise lovely, woman who shaved off her natural eyebrows (they were pale blonde) and instead drew in thin lines with an eyebrow pencil in their stead. To this day, I have no idea whether or not she actually thought what she was doing was fooling anyone, or if she truly believed that this was what she was supposed to do.
How to use an eyebrow pencil
Such dramatic mistakes aside, it’s not as uncommon as we might hope. Even women who don’t shave off their natural brows often try to draw or “color in” their eyebrows with a solid line. The result is that the brows often look unnaturally heavy, or simply artificial.
The key to good eyebrows is multi-fold. The most important thing is proper shaping of the natural brows. The natural brows are always the better option for making the look. Then, as needed, use an eyebrow pencil to fill-in sparse or thin areas of the brows. The secret to this is using the eyebrow pencil to create short thin strokes to fill-in the brows. This gives a remarkably natural-looking result.
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