Curls, Ringlets and Waves

Wedding hair with curls and ringlets
Wedding hair - Photo: Shutterstock
You have all the hair you need and wish you could bottle it up and sell it if you could, as it would pay for your up and coming wedding. In fact, you have so much hair you need to use a wide toothed comb.
If you want long hair, you have to let it grow much longer than your straight haired sisters because of all the natural curl and waves. For you, it can be a problem. However, for others who do not have "your problem", it can cause the green eyed monster to erupt inside them.
For your wedding day, perhaps you are thinking about a smooth hairstyle gently flowing upon your shoulders. You heard through the grapevine about this wonderful Salon who is always busy doing brides and decided to go there. Good work!
If your mind is made up to do your hair yourself and your hair is unruly kinky at times and you'd like your curls to be quite large and rounded, roll your hair with exceptionally large rollers about the size of orange juice cans. After it is dry, give a good brushing for that natural look you desire. Be sure and do this at the last minute so your hair will keep its large smooth curls throughout your reception.
Another option would be to use your flat iron and smooth your hair out but tilt it under or up just a little bit, on the ends, depending which way you'd want your hair to go. Or use the largest curling iron you can find to smooth your locks out and have that graceful wave you want to achieve. Make sure you select a good hardcore gel that will make your hair do exactly what you want it to do. It might take forever to dry, but the long-range effects would well be worth it.
Should your hair be short, the same thing goes for short hair also. Use the largest rollers you can find to smooth out your hair or the largest curling iron you can find. I wouldn't use the flat iron unless you want a very straight look. Brush when dry and place the large curls where you'd like them.
One of the most beautiful styles a naturally curly/wavy head can wear when there is a wedding, is to go along with what you already have. Magnify the positive. For example, if you have this lush mane and don't know what to do with it, roll it with medium rollers in haphazard directions all over your head. When dry, brush out good. Pull your hair back and attach the pins vertically on both sides. This will look like a cascade of curls gracefully flowing down your neck and back. Brush the top back and attach the pins across your head horizontally.
If someone were to look at the shape of your pins from the back, it would be all in the direction of an upside down horseshoe. Fluff the curls and waves out generously. You have a lot of hair, and this is your day to be that Princess for your new husband. Next could come a synthetic braid wrapped around the top of the curls and waves. You could also place the comb of your veil right under the pins you put on top of your head horizontally. Presto! You look like a Grecian Goddess. This is one of the most beautiful styles for brides who have exceptionally long naturally curly or wavy hair. This style is very feminine and brings versatility along with a bit of a Mediterranean flair.
You say, you'd like to wear your long wavy locks up for the wedding? No problem. Let's talk about something simple, yet stylish. You've washed your hair, and it's dry. Brush your hair, then take the bulk of your hair and twist it in the back going up. If your twist is successful, it will look small with a bunch of poufs of hair sticking out on top. The top will be flat, as will be the sides. Everything will be in that small twist you just created, mostly in the crown. What didn't go in there will be sticking out on the top of your crown.
You have pinned your twist with pins and fastened everything very securely. Now you spray the hair with hairspray and allow it to dry. Take your medium sized curling iron and curl what is left. Weave the curls around and through the other curls and pin. Take your time. Take one to three small tuffs of hair and use a crimping iron for it to stand out over the rest. You'll definitely look like a model walking down your own special runway when you stroll down the aisle. Diamond earrings that hang would bring just the touch that would be fitting for royalty. Diamond studs would also look demure and bring class to your special event.
If you are carrying a bouquet of roses over a white back ground, lace or satin will blend in quite well. Silver, diamonds, pearls or rubies will also go with your gown. Be creative and have fun designing and do not be fearful of trying new things. You do not have to be like everyone else. Dare to be different and have a stunning wedding!
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