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Tips To Make Prom Perfect (3)

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       Try things on before the big day. This is especially true of your shoes. The last thing you want is to discover 30 minutes into the dance that the great shoes you got to go with your dress hurt your feet so badly that you can’t dance in them. Make sure your date tries his shoes on as well, as shoe size can vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, try your dress on periodically between the time you purchase it and Prom Night. Sometimes a woman’s body weight and size will fluctuate according the stage of her menstrual cycle. If your dress is form-fitting, it’s a good idea to make sure you can make any needed adjustments at the last minute to ensure you’re comfortable on the big night.
       Keep Prom gear together. Use a suitcase or travel bag to store all your prom-related accessories together until the big day. This includes your shoes, hosiery, undergarments, jewelry, special hair accessories, and even your Prom tickets. By keeping everything together in one location, and adding newly-acquired items as you get them, you can avoid that day-of panic at not being able to find something you wanted to have for the big night. It also allows you to keep track of things you may need to get beforehand.
       Practice any special make-up techniques beforehand. Prom is a time when most young women want to do something extra special with their make-up. They like to go for a look that’s a little more glamorous. Try out the look you have in mind before the big day to see if it really suits you. Put on your make-up and wear it for a few hours and keep checking back to see how it holds up. You may realize that less is indeed more, and that you will be much happier with a different look.
       Choose your date carefully. Not every young woman will have a steady boyfriend when Prom rolls around. If you don’t have a boyfriend, be sure to select a date you can have a good time with. A good friend or someone you have known for a while make excellent choices. Prom is not the time to have a “first date” with someone. You’re already going to be a little nervous with it being Prom Night; adding in the extra pressure of the “first date” scenario it just too much. It’s also not the time to “get back together” with an ex-boyfriend. There’s going to be history there that can overshadow the good time you hope to have.
       To Tan or not to Tan. A lot of young women want to have that sun-bronzed glow for Prom. Since tanning beds and booths are extremely harmful to your skin (and can result in accidental overexposure, giving you a lobster look) you should avoid them at all costs. Try a sunless tanning lotion or bronzer instead, but use it a day or two before Prom so that you can adjust your results and catch any potential missed spots that could be embarrassing if noticed on the big night.
       Make your plans well in advance. Have your transportation taken care of, flowers ordered, and the people you are sitting with chosen as early as possible. Make a list of these items and call the day before the event to confirm the orders have been processed and that everything is on schedule. You should also plan for potential disasters. For instance, have a back-up car lined-up in the event your limo doesn’t show up, and have a game plan prepared to handle other unexpected difficulties. If you know what you’ll do in case of a problem, you won’t have a reason to panic or get upset. You can simply go with “plan B”. So, think through every possible scenario and decide what you’ll do if the worst happens. Then, if something does go wrong, you can impress everyone with your ability to be graceful under pressure. Once you know all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, you can focus on your date, your friends, and simply having a great evening.
       Making Memories. Don’t bring your dad’s expensive camera to prom with you. You could break it or lose it, and you’ll have to lug it around all night and worry about whether it’s safe. Pick up a small disposable camera that you can stash in your purse. It’s perfect for these occasions and will let you take some fun candid shots of your friends and their dates throughout the night, and you won’t have to worry if it gets lost. The really important pictures from prom will be handled by a professional photographer anyway.
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