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Tips To Make Prom Perfect (2)

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• Beads – Strands of costume jewelry pearls can be used as headbands (doubled over and pinned in place) or wound into an upstyle for a beautiful accent to a simple nest of curls. This look is especially stunning on darker hair colors.
• Ribbon – Simple satin ribbon in a coordinated color can be used to tie back masses of curls, or can be woven with the hair into braids that can be coiled on the head to make beautiful hair designs.
       When all else fails, and you can’t seem to find a style that you like, try a simple classic look. Smooth your hair back from your face and gather it at the nape of your neck. Twist the hair into a simple bun and pin securely. Some shine-enhancing hair product applied before smoothing the hair back and a sparkling accessory like a jeweled comb or a few jeweled pins and you’ve got a sleek, elegant look that will be sure to turn heads.
Looking Your Best:
       With the hair question settled, or at least being worked on, let’s talk about the second-most important aspect of the prom look: your dress. It’s probably the first thing a young woman thinks about with regard to prom, and is the one thing that most young women do wrong.
       Whatever you do, do NOT get fooled into buying the “new style” that is going to be the hottest look for prom season. These are fads that will move out of fashion as quickly as they came in. Keep in mind that you are preparing for a night you hopefully will want to look back on years from now with fondness. It ruins the effect if every time you see your prom photos you cringe at the sight of the “hottest look” from that era of your life. If you don’t believe me, just as my friend, “Bonnie” (not her real name, or she’d kill me) about the photos of the “powder blue wedding cake” that was her at her Senior Prom.
       Go with a classic styled evening dress. Something that looks like a dress you would wear normally, otherwise, you’re going to be uncomfortable, and you may live to regret the decision. Make sure the dress fits your personality and sense of taste. This is no time to pretend to be something you’re not, especially if you have a defined look and sense of style. Besides, none of your friends is going to believe the look you’re going for if you try to project an image that isn’t you.
       And make sure your date doesn’t fall for the “trendy” look either. Tuxedoes should always be classic cut, with simple, elegant shirt and collar designs. Don’t let him get talked into a crazy new tuxedo look or, heaven forbid, a non-traditional color. Again, remember the photos. (Just ask “Bonnie’s” husband, “Mike”, and the lime-green horror he wore at his Senior Prom the year before her blue dress nightmare.)
       And don’t forget to accessorize appropriately. There’s no need to “gild the lily” if you’re wearing an eye-catching dress that will surely turn heads, but if your dress is more conservative, then a few well-chosen accessories can really add some spice to the look. And don’t spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry that could get lost. You can get some really nice costume jewelry that will let you compliment your outfit without breaking your budget (or your heart if something happens to it).
       Keep an eye on your date’s accessories too. Don’t let him wear his casual watch, or that dangly earring he likes to wear. A simple dressy watch and a stud earring are a better look for a formal occasion. When he puts his tux on, these things will stick out dramatically, especially in the pictures.
More Tips:
       Here are some more tips to help you make sure things go much smoother on Prom night. These tips aren’t limited to just hair and dress-related issues, but will ensure that you have a good night, and a memorable, enjoyable time.
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