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Transforming Hair Tips for Men (2)

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       Thick, coarse and wiry hair can be a problem for men too. Should you have a good thick solid neckline, make sure this is cut clean for you. None is more ineffectual and distasteful than to see a huge full head of hair on a man that needs to be controlled, unless you are a rock star. With this kind of hair you can do just about anything. If you are an athlete, a good clipper cut all around the sides fading into your short crop in the crown can look very macho and extremely attractive to the ladies. Your top should be about two inches at the most. When you sit in the stylist’s chair, tell her you want a square cut. This does not mean you are going to have a flat top or a buzz cut. What it does mean is that she is going to expand on your manly features. The barber or stylist should already know to give you a square cut as you never give a man a round cut. Especially if you have a round face, you ask for a square cut, as this will even out your attributes. The clipper closes in to the sides with square on top. Like a box. With the right barber or stylist you will see magnificent results immediately. With a good gel and blow dry this could be your perfect new look. If you are too busy for that blow dry, then take the gel in your hands, close your eyes and mess it up real good. Let it dry while you are driving. It’s a no prob job.
       I have noticed that even with radically curly hair that is full of cow licks going everywhere at once when given the square cut makes an exceptional difference in the facial features of a man. When you can go from looking good to best, why not try it out?
       Are you one of those gents who have large ears? As men age, their ears get larger and longer as do their lobes. Maybe they get larger to be able to hear their wives better, whatever the case may be you still want to look your best.
Man getting his hair cut by a female barber

       When you sit in that chair for that million dollar style, when you get up, you should feel at least 10 years younger and look it too; so you can say mission accomplished. Make sure your barber or stylist is taking a small inch held clipper just for your ear / nose hair and cleaning you up. Science may tell us, the hair is there to help shield you from those strange things floating in the air; but they won’t tell you what it does to your love life. So make sure your technician clips everything off and that includes thinning out wild and wooly eyebrows too.
       Many men choose to wear the same style they wore when they were in University resisting change. If you have larger ears, usually the hair is cut to lay over one half of the ear to give the illusion that your ears aren’t that large. Unless you were born with ear wings I wouldn’t worry about the largeness of your ears. Women love you just the way you are. If you have the ear wings, meditate about seeing a reputable plastic surgeon and get them tucked back a little bit. Women do this, so it’s good for guys too and it isn’t major surgery. When you see the difference, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. This can be life changing and give you more confidence and who doesn’t need that?
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