Indigo Rye

sophisticated fashion hairstyle
Indigo Rye is no stranger to success in the L'Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy having narrowly missed out on winning the title in 2007. Ashley White and Charlene Earley encapsulated the vision of the competition and blew the judges away in order to secure their place at the Grand Final in 2008.
Ashley and Charlene explain the inspiration behind their striking hairstyle: “Our aim was to create a simple, sophisticated, high fashion look that exuded confidence and beauty. We didn’t want the clothes styling to over-complicate the overall look and the simplicity of the dress we selected works perfectly to bring out the hair style.
But it’s no easy task to have to live up to the expectation of previous success. As salon owner Karen Kennedy explains, it is team spirit and support that will help them through the challenge that lies ahead.
“Having achieved second place in the overall competition in 2007, we knew that we had set a precedent for ourselves in this year’s competition,” explains salon owner Karen Kennedy. “All of the staff from our Caversham and Wallingford salons came along to support the girls and it was an incredible moment when we heard they had reached the Grand Final.”
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Photo Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel