Three Roll Vintage Up-Style (2)

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8. See that this middle roll resembles a slightly smaller French roll. It is important to get the side of this roll right as well, as this will be the dominating factor of the side-view from this angle. See that the surface is seamless and shiny due to generous amount s of hairspray and intensive careful combing. Use your fine-tooth comb and the long-end of your tease-comb intermittently to create this effect without disturbing the bottom roll.
9. Repeat the whole process again to create the top roll. Here it is important to get the angle right from the front-view. Remember that most people will first observe you and your hairstyle from the frontal angle, thus it is imperative that this section be done with the utmost care and precision.
Gently roll the hair over your index- and middle finger, while gently combing the fly-away hair or imperfections away with the long end of your tease-comb. Make sure that the roll is very secure by using well-disguised bobby pins. It is very important that the bobby-pins are well disguised in the case of this style.
10. Spray the overall style with aerosol hairspray and comb back any fly away hair or imperfections on the surface of the hair. Take care not to disturb the hairstyle as a whole. Note that we use dark pins for dark hair and golden pins for blonde hair.
  • Vintage up-style - French roll - Create the top roll
  • Vintage up-style - Use dark hair pins
  • Vintage up-style - The silhouette of the hairstyle
  • Vintage up-style - Hair pulled away from the face
  • Vintage up-style - Insert a hair accessory at the side of the hairstyle

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11. Note the equilibrium of the silhouette of the style. The outline of the style follows the profile of the model’s head. When a style’s silhouette is in balance with the model’s outline, the style is naturally and structurally stable, as well as easily pleasing to the eye. There is a place for contorted or oblong silhouettes in the hairdressing world, but it is so much easier to pull off a balanced style.
12. Note that the hair is pulled away from the model’s face; meaning that she appears fresh, young and open. The beautiful face is left unadorned to showcase its bone structure and facial form.
13. Insert an interesting hair accessory at the side of the style. As this style is full of twirls and rolls, the side plane of the main French-roll may seem a bit bland. Thus we used an elaborate hat and lace accessory to add that little something more to this style. Make sure that the hair accessory fits in with your theme and colour code of the dress and the rest of your accessories.
14. Note that the accessory covers almost the entire plain of the side of the French roll. This will be very handy if you are not accustomed to creating the perfect and shiny surface on the side of the roll. The hair accessory will be able to hide a flaw in the surface of the hair.
Don’t let this be an excuse for you to work sloppy on this side though, as a sloppy surface often indicates a weak structure, which will mean that this side of the style could potentially collapse.
  • Vintage up-style - Updo with a large hair accessory
  • Vintage up-style - Updo with lace that covers a bit of the face
  • Vintage up-style - Hairstyle for a night out

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15. Note that the lace covers a bit of the face at the top of the eye-brows. This is currently very modern for brides and dress-up events. The lace covering a part of the face adds that enigmatic element, while steadfastly maintaining the feeling of elegance and flair.
16. Complete the hairstyle by spraying a silicone based shine spray to the style. The silicone based pray will block out any humidity present in the air, or any other potential elements that might affect the hair. The last thing that you want is for the hair to absorb some form of moisture or steam, resulting in frizzed hair and ruining the seamless surface that you have so painstakingly carefully created.
This is another style that has to be owned. So take you attitude out for a night in town, and let your glamour run free.
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