Modified Vintage French Roll (2)

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8. Repeat the process as with the French roll at the back of the style. Comb the hair in the opposite direction as originally done, using a fine-tooth comb and you hairspray to create a seamless hair surface. Once you’re satisfied with the surface, use your middle and fore finger to create a seamless roll at the front of the head.
  • French roll - Roll the hair
  • French roll - Loosen the top section
  • French roll - Create the rolled up fringe
  • French roll - Rolls with contrasting angles

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Note that this roll is slightly off centre and is styled in a sideway fashion. This is to create that vintage rolled up fringe. It will also help to balance the overall form of the style.
9. Note the contrasting angles of the two rolls, as if each is off-setting the direction of the other, yet both complementing the overall silhouette of the model. Note the extra height and length of the style; created by exaggerating the rolls to an extent. Also note the seamless and shiny surface of the hair, sprayed meticulously in place with hairspray.
10. From the opposite side; the form of especially the frontal roll is clearly observed. Note the side angle of the fringe roll, as well as the almost perfectly round shape of the roll. The criss-cross pins provide a stable basis for the roll, while the generous amount of hairspray used on the roll itself ensures that the roll stay in place.
11. Neatly insert diamanté hair accessories to enhance the style. Take care not to disturb the style while you insert the accessories. While you work, look for any stray hair or fly aways that might have come loose in the process of creating the style. Gently comb these with the long end of your tease-comb and spray them into place with hairspray, so that they form part of the seamless and flat surface of the hair.
12. Note the almost ice cream swirl like picture that this style brings to mind. The hairstyle has a flavour of old school fashion. This style can be worn as part of a dress up party, a prom or even just a fun night out. It’s a distinctively original and imaginative style, yet easy enough to create and it suits most facial shapes. The only thing that is really necessary to pull it off is that you have to own your style and walk your attitude.
  • French roll - Updo with a frontal roll
  • French roll - Insert diamanté hair accessories
  • French roll - Old school fashion hairstyle
  • French roll - hairstyle with disconnected rolls

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13. Note that the two rolls are disconnected, yet they effortlessly form part of the whole; working in perfect unison to create a beautiful silhouette. The shiny and seamless surface contributes to the overall aesthetic pleasure of the combined French roll and rolled fringe, to make one long back to the golden oldies where rolls where seen everywhere from girls flirting at the icecream parlour to droves of couples flocking to the drive in movies. Sigh ...
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