High Bubble with Simple Braid (2)

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7. Start with your braid at the base of the bubble. The first goal here is to cover the sock-bun sponge completely, disguising it from view. Use hairspray, bobby-pins and a tease-comb to achieve this.
8. Secure the braid at the bottom with a small clear elastic band. Note the tension of the braid, and the fact that the sock-bun sponge cannot be seen. Also note the structured yet not seamless surface of the style. This style was made to be extremely versatile, thus do not attempt to make it overly perfect or overly messy.
  • Start with the braid
  • Secure the braid at the bottom
  • Style the fringe in a soft wave
  • Add hair accessories

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9. Style the fringe to hang in a soft wave to the side of the face. Use your flat-iron or large-barrel curling tong if necessary. Remember to always apply a heat-protection product when you’re working with heat techniques on the hair.
10. You can add hair accessories of your choice to this style. Spray the hair with a silicone based shine spray to add shine and dimension to the hair, as well as blocking out any humidity which might be present in the air. This style can be worn to a party or to a prom. Your choice of dress-code will affect the over-all look of this style.
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