Evening, Daytime and Sporty Hairstyles (2)

Evening style for short hair
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The perfect everyday look
You might be wondering what the perfect everyday look entails. A simple style should be something you don't have to worry about. Today’s busy woman wants to look good all the time with minimal effort. For instance, when you're rushing out of the house to take the children to school and realize you haven't had time to comb your hair, you still want to look presentable when you run into your friends.
Consider the texture of your hair before deciding on a new style. If you have thick, naturally curly hair, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from just about any style available in the book, provided it complements your face and figure.
If you tend to have a hefty, blocky build, keeping your hair longer will only accentuate this look of heftiness. However, you don't have to despair and cut all your hair off. Consider a style that barely touches the shoulders and incorporates layers. This could be a flattering look for you and also easy to manage.
Now, what if you have thick, straight hair and are seeking an everyday style? How about a bob with roughly the same length as mentioned earlier? Ask yourself if you still prefer long hair. If so, can you quickly leave the house and still look good without combing it? My guess is, you can manage if it's twirled up and secured with a comb, which is suitable for activities like jogging.
When considering a different hairstyle, ask yourself how individualistic you truly want to be. Take a mental survey of all the friends you know and how they wear their hair. What makes them unique? Do their styles seem to suit them and their lifestyles? How often do they change their hairstyles? Or, do you notice many who still wear their hair the same way as they did in high school? Are you any different?
You can cultivate a unique everyday look that easily transforms with just one flick of the comb into a sporty, let's-go-play-tennis style. We've already discussed how you can add a hairpiece to you short hair for evening wear. If you have a short bob and plan to go golfing or play tennis, why not accessorize with a colorful sun hat or a summery scarf around your head? Instantly, you'll achieve a sporty look.
Stylish above the shoulders bob haircut with movement
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If you'd like to transition from a sporty look to an evening out but don't have a hairpiece to add, you can fluff up your whimsical style with your hands while your head is upside down to add volume. Use your mini can of hairspray, which you've stashed in your purse for emergencies like this. Adding some fanciful earrings can also help set the mood for the fun evening ahead.
Be prepared!
Imagine you're tired and doing last-minute grocery shopping when you happen to run into Mr. Wonderful himself. He invites you over to meet his parents, but you only have twenty minutes before you need to put away the groceries you bought. Never fear, wisdom is here. This is when you need to time yourself. Give yourself five minutes in the shower, no longer.
If your hair is cut short, you don't have a problem. By the time you towel dry and put on some new makeup, you know your hair will be dry. However, if your hair is long, you won't have time to wash, rinse, and dry it. You'll need to explore other alternatives. Use some dry shampoo, brush all your hair back, and secure it with combs on each side.
While you're contemplating your hairstyle, put on your makeup, and listen to your favorite songs to avoid getting stressed. Use a large curling iron to curl your hair under, then lightly back brush for volume. Place a ribbon under your hair at the back and tie it on top. Put on some stud earrings and avoid wearing anything with a low neckline, as you want to impress his parents. Oh! There goes the bell, and you're more than ready! Ready as can be!
Now, what should a woman carry in her purse for these unexpected situations? As mentioned above, a mini can of your favorite hairspray is a good idea, along with a small battery-powered curling iron and a compact vent brush. Keep in mind that everything you carry must be small enough to fit in your purse. It's not attractive to carry a shopping bag with you everywhere, filled with all your emergency tools hanging off your shoulders, not to mention the strain it puts on your back. You want to give the impression of not carrying much, darling, but you still want to appear intelligent while carrying your small, stylish purse.
The whole idea is to be prepared for anything, anytime. With a little planning, you can be ready for whatever comes your way, and I believe you're just the person who can do it!
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