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The models in the following pictures did not always look this spectacular. They all underwent a makeover that took them from bland to bold. As you will see - it does not take much to put drama and momentum in your hair.
  • mussed curly hair
  • boy with a millimeter short haircut
  • short blonde hair with long bangs
  • makeover for a bob haircut
  • changed look for long hair
  • fashionable hunk
  • male makeover
  • new man
  • long hair makeover
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Keller haircompany delights us again with a collection of spectacular hairstyles for modern men and women. The looks are rich in shine, color and diverse textures. Bangs are the focus and a rounded silhouette is one of the key elements.
Click on each individual "after" photo to find out more about these fun and modern styles.
Each cut features a distinctive play of colors and shape, both supporting each other. The palette ranges from black and white to fierce red shades and golden blondes. Exaggeration is the motto and just as the color, the texture is also taken to a higher level by its cut and styling.
Let these examples motivate you for your own courageous makeover!
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