Skater Haircut

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Q: My son is going to be three years old and has long hair, I love it long but it is getting too long. I've seen a couple of kids with long hairstyles called skater haircuts, but I cannot find any pictures and I have gone to numerous sites. Could you help me out?
If you have some pictures or know where I can get pictures, I would appreciate it. I know he is a skateboarder; I have seen a couple teen boys with this hairstyle and my son loves his long hair, so if I can I'd like to find a picture so I can take it along to a salon.

A: There are a number of different long hairstyles favored by skaters. I'm not surprised that you've had difficulty finding photos, since most of the photos of skaters tend to be far-field shots to showcase the moves and tricks being performed.
However, I was able to locate a couple of photos that have close-ups of the skaters in question. Perhaps this link will be useful to you: Photo of Skatebording Kids with long hair:
I spent more than an hour of intense searching, and this was the best I could find. One suggestion I can make is to look for one of the more trendy salons in your area and give them a call. They will probably have a stylist who can help you find a style you and your son will be happy with on staff. You might also visit your local newsstand to find skateboarding magazines, which should have photos you can use.
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