The Magnet by La Biosthetique

Rebellious hair with daring textures
Inspired by pop icons Blondie and Grace Jones the Magnet Spring and Summer collection hits the streets in rhythm and style. Daring textures, much movement and bold colors take these looks out of the mainstream and give them their unique and adventurous character.
Excellent cutting techniques and creative styling are paired with great care for the hair to render it as healthy and shiny as it can be. Good nutrition is just as important as style and the times of grungy hair being cool are long past.
La Biosthetique puts a glamorous shiny sparkle in the rebellious styles. This however does not hide the lingering flavor of anarchy and a free spirited dance of life.

Short Layered Hair

Short and shiny layered hair
Mixing platinum pink strands into the glistening gold color of the layered short cut with its feathery texture results in an irresistible iridescent light radiating from the super shiny surface of the hair.
The consequent texture throughout the haircut guarantees lasting movement and a warm and fuzzy appeal seasoned with rebellion.

Buzzed Sides Haircut

Short women's haircut with buzzed sides
Buzzed short sides reveal the ears and provide a perfect contrast to the long, swaying tresses adorning her crown. The swanky Mohawk is full of movement which is even more enhanced by the high and lowlights that bring a lot of depth and emphasis into the hair.
Instead of spiking straight up the top hair was curved to a pointy and yet soft and shiny swell of hair.

Feathery Short Hairstyle

Short and sleek blonde hair with long bangs
Super sleek, strongly textured strands are styled straight, forward and then diagonally across the forehead. Different directions of styling create movement and a lot of visual interest.
The long bangs stand out next to the shorter, layered sides and together they frame the face in a feathery textured, raspberry blonde delight.

Texture and Thinning

Hair cut in a long bob and pixie combination
Just as your favorite songs become the soundtrack of your life, it is your hairstyle that provides the visuals. Allow yourself to be taken away by free spirited creativity that manifests itself with a lot of serious texture, thinning out and softening the long layers of this genius combination of long bob and pixie. The dark blonde with a touch of copper warms even a "Heart of Glass".
Hairstyles: La Biosthetique Paris