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"Heritage" Collection

Alexandre de Paris

The designers of the prestigious house of haute coiffure took a stroll through history to bring us the breathtaking looks of their Heritage Collection.
  • spiral curls
  • long blonde hair with waves
  • wrapped strands of hair
  • layered braids
  • hair braided into a crown
  • dreadlocks
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Inspired from the grand looks of queens and goddesses of bygone centuries and mythical lands they created a series of six elaborate and beautiful hairstyles that invite us to spread our wings and to transform into the glamorous and regal female that we were born to be.
The Heritage Collection features the most amazing textures and structures, smooth waves, artistic braids and even dreadlocks. It is an eclectic mix of cultures, continents and centuries. The hands of modern masters have touched up the influences of the past. They created masterpieces whose era is still to come.
Hairstyles: Alexandre de Paris