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Boudoir Hairstyles Collection

Saks Hair & Beauty

Its time to be seductive! Heat up your days and nights with a luscious, soft and sexy hairdo.
This collection of romantic Boudoir Styles makes it easy to find the perfect match to express the sensual you. Soft, curvy lines, airy volume, wispy strands, braids, twists and knots all come together in various combinations to give us a little bit of fairy tale feeling.
  • twisted braids
  • updo with long bangs
  • hair twisted to a soft knot
  • beehive hairdo
  • hair with twirling
  • high updo
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The trick to hair getting a "Boudoir Style" touch is to never style it too neatly and straight. The sculpted shapes, more or less elaborate, turn sexy with a little bit of deliberate messiness by tousling and mussing the hair.
Hair: Saks Team
Make-up: Lucy McKeown
Styling: Cassie Steer
Photography: Catherine Harbour