Artéfact by XYZ

Powerful hairstyles with cold hair colors
Artefact: effect (lat. factum) - artificial (lat. ars, artis).
The word artefact originally refers to a phenomenon entirely created through experimentation, an undesirable (side)-effect or a “parasite”. In role plays and the world of « fantasy », it is sometimes used to describe a “relic”, a magical object deemed unique and extremely powerful.
Inspired by the connotations surrounding its name, the « artéfact » collection introduces hairstyles with powerful lines and magical textures. Cold hair colors, ranging from pearly beiges to matt ashen hues, underline the spirit of the creations born out of an experimental mix of products, soft hairdressing and contrasting materials.
An undesirable effect has crept into each hairstyle on purpose, the better to emphasize this new style designed by XYZ - the quintessential « artéfact » style.

Short Hairstyle with Long Neck

Short hair style with a long neck section
Asymmetry at its cubist best. What starts as a straight line turns into an angle to bring a neo expressionist edge to the face and hair. But that is not the only surprise this sculpted short haircut holds.
The neck is long and textured. Opposite to the extravagant shape the color is earthy and exudes a warm shimmer off its espresso base.

Textured Page Boy Cut

Textured page boy haircut
Kitty wears a highly textured page boy cut that could not be further from its sleek roots. The bangs still show the laser precision straight line right across the eyebrows, but the sides are made to fly, flip and frolic in their fine yet choppy texture.
A light veil of hair is styled across the eye, just enough to give the hairstyle a great edge and unique character.

Haircut with Contrasting Lengths

Blonde hair cut with contrasting lengths
While she explores the limit between punk and princess, Angi makes a statement with the contrasting lengths and textures of her modern haircut. One side is ultimately short and almost buzz cut, allowing the platinum blonde color to sparkle like a well cut gem.
The rest of the hair is cut to choppy layers and arranged in an asymmetric fashion to reveal and conceal after her hearts content.

Medium Long Tousled Hair

Tousled crinkled hair medium length hair
Celia brings the enigmatic look of a mystical siren to modern times. Long tousled tendrils appear in various textures including finely crinkled. They barely veil the extravagant fringe that is cut in the shape of a double curve with a diabolical dip at the base of the nose.
It is the balance of controlled lines and wild volume that makes this hairstyle so unique and desirable.
Artistic Directors: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Hairstyles: Michaël Del Bianco
Photos: Laurent Thoma
Make-up: Andréa Aquilino
Stylists: Lady Violette – Céline Pinckers
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM