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Artefact: effect (lat. factum) - artificial (lat. ars, artis).
The word artefact originally refers to a phenomenon entirely created through experimentation, an undesirable (side)-effect or a “parasite”. In role plays and the world of « fantasy », it is sometimes used to describe a “relic”, a magical object deemed unique and extremely powerful.
  • short hair style with a long neck
  • textured page boy haircut
  • hair cut with contrasting lengths
  • tousled crinkled hair
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Inspired by the connotations surrounding its name, the « artéfact » collection introduces hairstyles with powerful lines and magical textures. Cold hair colors, ranging from pearly beiges to matt ashen hues, underline the spirit of the creations born out of an experimental mix of products, soft hairdressing and contrasting materials.
An undesirable effect has crept into each hairstyle on purpose, the better to emphasize this new style designed by XYZ - the quintessential « artéfact » style.
Artistic Directors: Séverine Tieleman & Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ
Hairstyles: Michaël Del Bianco
Photos: Laurent Thoma
Make-up: Andréa Aquilino
Stylists: Lady Violette – Céline Pinckers
Production: ©XYZ BELGIUM
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