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Pushing the boundaries of hair design and style, Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton show off their new collection called "Visionaire." Visionaries are people who create styles that are outside of the shadows of time and push all practical boundaries. This collection strives to do just that.
The collection uses the concept of defining special moments throughout history to help define the future. The hairstyles mix together elements from the past and present to create looks that are truly unique and are definitely visions of what the future will look like.
The haircuts are dramatic in nature, using styles from the twenties and thirties mixed with new age architecture to create styles that can be called anything but normal.
  • lifted hair
  • rocking hairstyle
  • futuristic haircut
  • bright hair colors
  • contrasting hair colors
  • hair with changing colors
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Using applications of head shape, lines, and curves, Carney creates styles that mimic Art Deco architecture. Defining the lines of the cheekbones and chin line set off these unique hairstyles. There are very little textures used resulting in looks that are refined and strong.
Styling is clean and simple to allow the haircut to work as it was designed. Flexibility and support are created using a variety of products from Joico. The products used include a pliable paste, molding putty, dry spray wax, gloss wax and a humidity blocker.
The hairstyles are works of art with colors that are shocking and unique combinations. Using opposites on the color wheel to enhance the over all look, copper is mixed with blue, red with green and pink with green. The collection truly offers a vision.
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