Visionaire by Joico

Hair with elements of the past and present
Pushing the boundaries of hair design and style, Damien Carney and Sue Pemberton show off their new collection called "Visionaire." Visionaries are people who create styles that are outside of the shadows of time and push all practical boundaries. This collection strives to do just that.
The collection uses the concept of defining special moments throughout history to help define the future. The hairstyles mix together elements from the past and present to create looks that are truly unique and are definitely visions of what the future will look like.
The haircuts are dramatic in nature, using styles from the twenties and thirties mixed with new age architecture to create styles that can be called anything but normal.

Pivoting Hair Styling

Hair with lifted pivoting styling
A glimpse into the future of hair design reveals a thrilling perspective. The most stylish elements of today are taken to the edge and beyond.
Here layers are redefined by giving them a lifted, pivoting styling that really comes to live through the finesse of the hair color application. Darker, neutral hues around the back and lower sections transform to blinding flashes of red.

Rocking Hairstyle

Long hair with a rocking silhouette
A layered symphony in scarlet and viridian is tamed, but just a little, by a neutral espresso tone in between. Thick layers of hair surround the head with fancy, only slightly textured strands that spin around a high anchor point in their delightful tousled dance. The neckline is extended in a thinner layer for a rocking silhouette.

Red and Green Hair

Haircut for red and green hair
Red and green are as opposite as colors can be, yet brought together in this sleek asymmetrical haircut they resonate a message of daring seduction.
The slightly jagged fringe line brings much attention to the eyes and the cheekbones while the longer sides add smoothness to the face. The glamorous result is a futuristic but wearable work of fine artistry in hair.

Geometric Haircut

Geometric cut with bright hair colors
This postmodern vixen gets her tantalizing expression from the bright and extreme hair colors that make her geometric haircut stand out. The memory of a bob is still visible in the curved and angled lines that are shaped with laser sharp perfection.
A longer, thin section in the nape flows to the front over the shoulders and stretches the whole look to a sleek and slender silhouette.

Cold and Warm Hair Colors

Contrasting cool and warm hair colors
Like the famous aurora borealis the mid section glows in breathtaking hair colors that seem to shift and move with every look you take. Cold and warm tones, contradicting and neutral hues outshine each other and do not even appear foreign but as an organic part of the short asymmetrical hairstyle.
While the fringe consists of long, silky tendrils of varying lengths, the underlayer and sides are shaped with linear perfection.

Hair with Changing Hues

Short hair with changing colors
Have you ever admired the colors generated by oil in a puddle on the hot asphalt? The ever changing pattern of metallic rainbow hues from teal to sunflower with sparks of red, green and lilac is equally fascinating when applied to hair.
The long fringe of the multi-length hairstyle seems to set the rest of the hair in motion - a soft sway of sleek lengths and wispy ends around a serene center high on the crown.
Photos: Joico
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