Corn Rows

Cornrows or rasta braids
Photo: Y Photo Studio/Shutterstock
Q: Could you please help me? I was asked the other day did I know what are corn roll was. Do you have any pictures?
A: I think you are actually referring to a style known as corn rows. This is a style popular in the early eighties, thanks largely to the 1979 Blake Edwards’ comedy, “10”, starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore.
The style was an iconic look created by braiding the hair into thin “rows” of braids that lie close to and follow the scalp. The braids are usually festooned on the ends with beads and or other decorations.
While I don’t have any photos of Bo Derek with this hair style available to me at the moment, it should be a simple matter to check with your local video retailer or renter and pickup the movie “10” in order to see a number of views of the hairstyle in question.
You can also find still photos by doing an internet search for “Bo Derek” and “10” together. As long as you don’t publish the photos and only print them for you personal use, you should be safe to copy the photos you find (unless it is otherwise noted on the webpage).
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