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XYZ Hairstyles Collection

What do XYZ stand for in the hierarchy of the divine?
Those powerful beings shine in their intimate perfection : bright light, irresistible power, boundless abilities, unremitting fairness, wonderful revelations and constant deeds of goodness!
They have inspired the creators of the XYZ Academy to design a new collection with a focus on purity - amazing hairstyles whose sophisticated cutting techniques and soft finishing touches convey an attitude of wisdom.
  • cool hairstyle
  • hair with sculpted layers
  • angelic hairdo
  • sophisticated modern hairstyle
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Once again, XYZ breaks new ground with daring innovative techniques such as "panel cutting" or "ross undercut". Fluidity, smoothness and a delicate work on the curving line enhance the allure and refinement of the hairstyle to create a total look whose attractivity is totally irresistible.
Fair colors with pearly, copper, gold and platinum hues convey the iconic ideal of purity underlying the whole collection.
Hairstyles: Michaël Del Bianco for XYZ Academy
Colors: Maryline Forges/Sharon Weekers/Valerie Joret for XYZ
Photos: Carl Alex
Make-up: Edith Carpentier
Styling: Giovanni Biasiolo
Production: ©XYZ Academy - Belgium
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