Classic Hairstyles (3)

Buzz cut hair - Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni's buzz cut hair - Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
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For men, the classic looks are supremely simple and basic: Short back and sides, longer on top; or uniform lengths all over the skull. These, obviously, require that the hair be cropped in some fashion and therefore don’t include the long hair styles that have existed throughout history.
Most of the long hair styles for men have counterparts in women’s styles and therefore needn’t be covered here, and don’t classify as classic men’s styles anyway.
Classic hairstyle for men - Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson's classic hairstyle - Photo: Ga Fullner/Shutterstock
The classic hairstyles for men – like those for women - have had their variations throughout the decades (and in some cases centuries). Leaving added length in the front regions of a standard men’s cut leads to a “Collegiate Cut” (see photo of Josh Henderson); while the “longer on top” qualification can often be a very minimal increase in length. (See the photo of Blair Underwood.)
The overall range of lengths varies from decade to decade, sometimes growing to nearly two inches at the shortest length, or decreasing until the hair barely extends beyond the scalp.
Blair Underwood hairstyle
Blair Underwood's hair - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
The uniform length styles for men have their origins in military tradition as soldiers and warriors in many ancient societies would shave or shear their hair to keep from giving an enemy an extra handhold. The invention of mechanical clippers allowed barbers to cut the hair to uniform lengths (or shear the hair to the scalp) with speed and precision.
Many men today favor short “buzz cuts” for their simplicity and ease of care. It also tends to be a flattering look for many men who suffer from male pattern hair loss. (See photo of Christopher Meloni.) It is unlikely, given the longevity of these styles that the looks will ever fade from prominence.