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Petra Mechurov√°

  • curls
  • gigantic fringe
  • bouncy curls
  • 80s look
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Pick your favorite fashion era and Petra Mechurov√° will have the right hairstyle for it. She assembled all-time favorite looks from several decades in her aptly named collection "retrospective" and gave those iconic hairdos a thorough makeover for their journey from the past to today. A hint of retro still wavers around these beauties, but all of the dust is blown off with modern textures and techniques.
Flamboyant, feisty or feminine are all important aspects of this small gathering of amazing styles. Sensual curls are followed by extravagant geometry, luxurious waves and a sharp, sporty short cut. Colors range from earthy to heavenly platinum and there are a lot of details that you should check out by clicking on these photos.
Hair: Petra Mechurov√°
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