Colours by Mod's Hair

Elegant winter hairstyles
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Once upon a time someone had the idea that winter is the time for muted colors that match the glum shades of the season. Forget it all right away and jump on the rainbow initiated by Mod's Hair with their fabulous "Colours" collection of hairstyles and looks that bring the fun back into the cold months.
Hair and outfits go hand in hand in harmony of character and color. Bright clothes, extreme hues in the make-up and rich, bold hair color will blow away the winter blues before it can even set in.
The hairstyles are long, play with textures and extensions and classic bobs got an extensive makeover. Outrageous and wildly elegant with extreme motion, total texture and bodacious volume.


Hairstyle with natural looking hair extensions
You can never have enough hair. Go for the ultimate in thickness, volume and motion and try out these natural looking extensions to add power and length to your hairstyle. A dense and thick top runs out in long layers to a mid-back length.
The partition is set very high on the left side and allows an equally thick fringe to slide diagonally across and stun with its texture, motion and just the plain energy of its velocity. Highlights complete the look and styling puts emphasis on creating smooth, satiny sleek lines for a dramatic appearance.
The hair color seems to be almost an understatement with its muted tone of a dark blonde, however the highlights make up for it.


Brown medium length hair with layers and a thick fringe
Long layers, a thick fringe and lots of untamed volume remind of the shag hairstyles that became so popular in the 80s and never left the fashion focus. A blow dryer is an essential tool to create this billowy, layered piece of modern nostalgia.
The layers are long and textured in the tips to soften the shape but not the impact of this sweep you off your feet creation. The hair color is a cool brown tone with an almost metallic sheen.


Long brown hair and curls created with a curling iron
Go for the flow. Match your jacket with the same color lipstick and blow out your hair for maximum volume. A long straight all around cut with tapered sides and a few thin layers for effect is just the right base style to use your curling iron magic on.
If you don't want to use the hot iron, a good blow dryer and a good styling brush will be your best friends to magically boost the volume and attention factor. The side partition gives it a classic touch in the otherwise very casual and very catchy look.


Sporty chin length bob with fine texture in the tips
Over the top and right over the head - nothing beats a forward styling like this when it comes to a sporty but edgy and modern look. The short haircut is based on a bob at about chin length. Very fine texture in the tips adds finesse and a soft touch to all of the ruggedness.
Beach blonde is a perfect companion to bright lime green, especially when it boasts as much dimension as with the light blonde highlights and the darker inside sections. For the extra dose of tempting mysteriousness, veil your eyes with a long tousled fringe.

Jade II

Flexible short hairstyle for blonde hair
A different styling of the previous look displays more of the structure of the cut. Long layers on top with shorter sides, all cut for textural effects, offer a ton of styling options. The longest hair is found in the fringe and it can be pulled into the face, styled to the left or to the right or also just directed towards the back.
A good hair product, for example a flexible but strong hold mousse massaged into the root parts of the hair generates a lot of lift for this beautiful disheveled volume. The different tones of blonde from dark to very light immensely increase the impression of movement and depth.

Lily Rose

Hair in an updo for an Amy Winehouse look
Channel the soulfulness of the too early departed Amy Winehouse with this mile-high soft slung upstyle. It cannot get more baroque and opulent than this. A work of luxury with this irresistible messiness that turns something this elaborate into the epitome of a feminine hairstyle. The contrast is even greater when combined not with a glamorous evening gown, but a sporty, casual shirt.
A special touch is the long, coiled strand that spills out of the curvaceous beehive creation and reaches way over her shoulders. A soft brown is a strong hair color, without being pretentious and the little bit of understatement in the color actually increases the fashion vibe of this look that could easily turn into a very formal style as well.


Blonde layered bob with a side part
On the ski slopes or après, you can look your sporty best with a layered bob that can be very naughty or nice. Style your cut according to your mood of the day, ready for the office or wild and casual for any other place. A side part adds more motion and is always a trendy and stylish choice.
The textured tips infuse a good amount of softness and an edgy, rebellious feel, while the vanilla beach blonde is sweet and yet alluring. This style also has a lot of variations and it is so flattering and trendy, that it will be on top of the favorite lists for more than one season.
Hair: Mod's Hair
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Blackmilk Agency & Corinne Cobson
Photography: Guillaume Bérard
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