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Petra Mechurová Hair Design

  • man with sleek hair and a well fitted suit
  • roughed up look for men
  • 1920s hairstyle for men
  • male haircut with a quiff
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Hairfashion for men does not change as quickly and as extreme as the fireworks of hairstyles, colors and their variations do for women. Once a style is approved by men it will linger for a while and just become more and more refine. And finesse is what we are looking at here.
Undercuts, sleek stylings, asymmetrical shapes and new definitions of the fringe are the key players in this very "Personal" collection by Petra Mechurová . Classic elements, especially of the 1920s were taken to our time and given a slick and dashing make-over. Sides and backs are short and the top hair gives the lenght to play with. Click on each photo to find out more ...
Hairstyles: Katerina Muratova for Petra Mechurová Hair Design
Styling: Viola Fetisova
Make-up: Ivana Tokarska
Production: Milan Dockal
Photography: Matus Toth
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