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Uptown Girl by Eric Zemmour

  • girlish upstyle
  • loose upstyle
  • low maintenance hairstyle
  • hairstyle for heavy glasses
  • uneven length bob
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Eric Zemmour brings the style of the big city to his trendy looks. Urban minded women with a strong sense for fashion love his seductive designs that are full of volume and come with a sensual flair that should not be underestimated. Loose falling waves with a tousled and mussed texture, highlights and a perfect balance of casual and effortless elegance redefine contemporary hairstyles.
His urban woman enjoys her hair and brings the best out of it, however she perfects the art to be chic without being pretentious or overly polished. The hair looks natural and the square shaped cuts allow it to come to a good volume. To spruce it up narrow hairbands with a dainty bow are the signature accessory of choice.
Hairstyles: Eric Zemmour
Hair Coloring: Laura Manaira & Laetitia Immordino
Make-up: Justine Lancelle
Styling: Louis Bohème
Photography: Gérard Taride