"Devils" by Paul Gehring for ALCINA

Fashion hairstyles
Where there is light, there has to be dark, thus the Angels Collection by Paul Gehring for ALCINA is joined by their counterpart from the diabolic side. These devils however come without horns and their hair is actually quite radiant. Devilish beauty bathed in shades of blonde and brown with immense reflections and color blocking.
The hairstyles all feature an abundance of texture in straight hair and operatic curls. The air of luxury permeates each look and they all come with a rare intensity and goose bumps causing beauty. A certain amount of mystery is another very flattering ingredient. Which would you rather be, an angel or a devil of fashion?
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Braided Front

Hair color transition from brown to blonde
Hairstyle with a braided front
This long hairstyle has two main features that are competing for attention. Let's start at the top where a vertical braid incorporates all of the fringe hair in a sleek and artistically woven, curvy and intricate construction.
The second highlight, literally, is the transition of the color from a muted brown to the flaming blonde tips. The color moves in an even flow from dark to light. The length is layered to create more movement, which appears very natural in its slightly messy curves. Check out the next style to see how this look can turn into total diabolic glamour!

Upstyle with Frontal Braid

Updo with a frontal braid
With the lengths lifted up the former long look turns into a classic, diabolically beautiful style that is made to be shown of at any glamorous event. The lighter part of the lengths now sits on top and illuminates the entire style with its luxurious blonde glow.
The braided front is slightly covered and acts as the secret ingredient that takes a loose updo to the level of elaborated classy hairstyles. Her bold eye shadow and the Victorian, black dress with the huge brooch give her appearance a pronounced high fashion Goth factor.

Pearlescent Curls

Shoulder length hair with pearlescent curls
Hair with a rounded shape and curls
Put on your sunglasses! Your eyes might get blinded by this much light. The irresistible temptation in these curls truly is beyond compare and only topped by the pearlescent quality of the pink, gold and platinum hues that make up the hair color.
Layers keep the hairstyle in a rounded shape with a thick fringe and most of the volume gathered around her face. The tips extend to her shoulders. Combine this look with precious black fur and the shiniest, reddest lipstick you can find. You are a devil after all and humility is not your strength.

Curls with Kinks

Curly hairstyle with the sides taken to the back
Ultra modern hairstyle with curls
Take your romantic curls a big step further into the edgy territory. A hot iron helps to shape sharp corners and kinks into the billowing locks and the look turns ultra modern.
A strong volume remains on the crown and in the fringe, but the sides are now taken to the back where they can be attached either invisible with small hairpins or you can show off a dramatic barrette. The lower tips fall in the back of her neck with more corners and squiggles.

Pointy Layers

Hairstyle with sides that flare out
Hairstyle with pointy layers
This amount of volume on her crown could easily hide some little horns. We will never know! The sides flare out in pointy textured layers which are sharpened with a small amount of hair wax on the fingertips.
Much texture is also in the fringe and all together gives her face a beautiful jagged and wild frame. The top volume develops with some extra lift on the roots while blow drying, but the cut of shorter layers there also helps.

Layers Heated Up

Nighttime hairstyle for layered medium length hair
The same layers that you just saw now turned from office sassy to nighttime sexy devil. The top layers on her crown received a rolling, boiling hot curl made with a curling iron. The movement is less on the side.
However the pointed strands in her fringe also went from sleek to a flame shaped new expression. The hairstyle is the perfect frame for a strong, smoky eye make-up, intense pink lips and her black lace top may just bring out the devil in the men around her.

Mix of Lengths and Textures

Natural and long full beard
Men's look with a long beard
Rugged men's look with a beard
His new look bridges the gap between very distinct styles as it combines a traditional men's cut with modern texture and styling and also brings out the rugged charm of a very natural and long full beard.
The contrast of fine fashion grooming and wild growth is stunning and in its own way rather eccentric. Banker and mountain man all in one. This one does not hide any of his facets. The side hair is cropped to barely there, while longer top hair allows for a variety of styling options with its partner, the hair wax.
Hair: Paul Gehring for ALCINA
Make-up: Fabrizio Camponeschi
Photography: Carlo Ballocchi