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Urchin Hairstyle

Q: I am desperately looking for a picture of a hairstyle that is mid- to long-length urchin style, similar to that of the 1970s era. Can you please help me? Many thanks.
A: I am confused by your request. You see, I’ve never heard of a “mid- to long-length urchin style”. The “urchin” hairstyle came about in the 1970’s and was usually worn by waif-like, boyishly-built women. The hair was cut super-short with lots of texture and was popular with stars like Mia Farrow and Liza Minelli.
There were fuller-cut variants of the urchin style, with more length on top and slightly longer fringe and nape hair, but never anything that could be classified as mid- to long-length.
Part of the problem with tracking hairstyles from one period to another is the amorphous way that hairstyles are named. A popular hairstyle with one name can suddenly become labeled as something else five years later. For example, the original “Sassoon” cut, became referred to as an “Urchin” haircut, then a “pixie” cut, and in more recent years has been called a “gamine” haircut. Yet, except for occasional variations, the haircuts are exactly the same.
I’m sorry that I can’t direct you to a photo of the style for which you’re looking. If your purpose was to have something that you can show a stylist, I suggest talking to the stylist about elements that you want out of the style. Such as “I want the hair to lie close to the head and have little volume.” Or, I want a style that is waif-like and full of texture and movement without sacrificing length, and hangs between chin and shoulder level.” Be as specific as you want, and make notes. Listen to the stylist’s suggestions, because she is likely making comments based on your hair type.
Together, I’m sure you can create the look you want, even without a photo.
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