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Q: I have very oily hair. I have tried different types of shampoo for oily hair, but they don't seem to help. I usually have to wash my hair every day, but I have had the times where I had to wash it twice a day. I also have very damaged hair, or that's what the lady that cuts my hair said, since I straighten my hair.
So, when I get out of the shower and get ready to straighten my hair, I also add heat activated cream by Thermasilk to my hair. So, I was just wondering what you think I could maybe do so that my hair wasn't always so greasy.

A: Well, I can't speak for whether or not your hair is damaged, but I think one thing you can do, if you don't already, is make sure that you apply the Thermasilk Cream only to the ends of your hair as needed. I also recommend that you try the following tips. After shampooing the hair, rinse your scalp with cool to cold water (as cool as you can tolerate). This will help to tighten the pores of your scalp and will help slow down oil production.
Also after rinsing the hair and towel drying, use witch hazel on a cotton ball, and swab the scalp with it. This helps to strip away excess oils. Finally, daily brushing of the hair using a natural bristle brush will help to improve scalp circulation and regulate oil production. Be sure to brush the hair in one direction until you've covered the whole scalp, then reverse the direction.
You might also consider looking for dry shampoo (a product usually available at drugstores, beauty supply stores or hospital supply stores) to use at those times when your hair gets oily before the end of the day. The product usually comes as an aerosol spray that you spray on the hair at the scalp, allow it to dry and brush out. It was created for use by people in hospitals or who were unable to shampoo their hair normally.
I hope these tips help. They may not fully resolve the issue for you, but you should see some definite improvements.
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