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Lauren Graham hair
Lauren Graham - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Q: I have short, wavy hair, cut in layers. As it gets longer, it actually gets curlier, with the pieces that were wavy or just tended to flip out getting dragged down into ringlets. I think a haircut like Lauren Graham's of the Gilmore Girls would suit both my natural curls and my facial structure (on the round side - currently, the short layers that "flip out" help "cut" the circle).
As I grow it out, what shall I tell my stylist to do? I'm not at all good at describing hairstyles, and am having trouble finding a good picture of my favorite Lauren Graham hair (short of bringing in my collection Gilmore Girls DVDs and making my stylist watch them).

A: I, too, am a Gilmore Girls fan, so at least (I think) I know the hairstyle to which you are referring. Lauren Graham has sported some varied looks in the last five seasons on the show, but the most common aspect of them has been the textured layers that help to define and soften her wavy locks.
The hairstyle she has is best described as long layers. Most of the time her layers appear to have some degree of texturing to allow her hair to fall into tendrils rather than be bulky at the ends.
Given that you currently have a short, layered style and will be growing your hair out to achieve the look you're after, your stylist will need to gradually deepen the layers as your hair gets longer. He/she will do this by steepening the cutting angle and increasing the elevation as needed during the "growing out" process. Ultimately, the hair will be lifted vertically over the head and cut at an angle slightly downward toward the center parting of the hair.
This should give you the look you are after, but be aware that unless your hair's texture and wave pattern are very similar to Lauren's, you may not get the exact same results without extra styling. My main concern is your description of the increasing curl as your hair grows, but even this can be adjusted with a little judicious heat styling using a blow dryer and round brush.
As for finding a suitable photo to show to your stylist, I highly recommend that you do a web search for "Lauren Graham". (I did a quick Google search for the name and came up with more than 2 million hits, with dozens of fan sites and gallery pages offering hundreds of photos of Lauren from Gilmore Girls, and other movies and TV appearances.) With access to a printer, especially a color printer, I'm sure you'll find a photo you can give the stylist in no time.
Good luck with your search and I hope you enjoy your new look.
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