Problems with Shampooing and Conditioning

Shampoo and conditioner
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Q: Hi there! I'm a Level 1 Hairdresser at college and I have a question. The question is: What are the problems that could occur when using products and equipment in the shampooing and conditioning process including who you would report the problem to?
A: Probably 90% of the problems that arise when giving a client a shampoo/conditioner treatment are due to operator error. The stylist doesn't have proper control over the equipment and sprays the client with water, is careless and gets product into a client's eyes, etc.
Some of these situations are more severe than others, but rarely are they extremely serious. Less than 10% of the problems arise as a result of the products and equipment. (A sink sprayer malfunctions, a shampoo chair breaks, a client has a reaction to the shampoo/conditioner [very rare] etc.)
Anytime you encounter a problem, the first person to be notified is the person in charge of the facility. At school, this is your instructor. In a salon setting, this would be the hair salon owner or manager. These people are responsible for the incidents that happen in their facility, for appeasing clients who are annoyed or angered by operator errors, and for replacing/repairing malfunctioning equipment.
If you feel that there is a problem at the facility you are working in (whether school or salon) and you have reported such things as faulty equipment, or improper sanitation procedures with no results, you should consider reporting to your local health department, which inspects salons and insures that operations are up to local codes for health and safety of customers.
If you are in school, you may prefer to take your concerns to the administration department before consulting any outside agency. Most schools have auditors who will review and investigate students' complaints regarding the facilities and curriculum.
In addition, with regard to schools that teach cosmetology, most schools that offer services to the public have posted notification to the public that they are receiving heavily discounted services so that the students can get practice with actual human clients. The clients, therefore, know that the students may make mistakes and should be prepared to be patient and understanding.
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