Dolly Rocker Hairstyle

Dolly rocker hairstyle
DPhoto: Jetrel/Shutterstock
Q: Have you heard of a cut called the "dolly rocker"? I need to find it, so I can tell my new hairdresser how to do it or where to find it.
A: Until I got your letter, I had not, in fact, heard of the "Dolly Rocker" hairstyle, although from what I know of naming conventions for hairstyles I had a pretty good guess at what it would look like. Some investigating online led me to only one photo example of the dolly rocker look.
The dolly rocker is a very recent creation in hairstyles. This style is so cutting edge, it is literally still bleeding. The hairstyle combines the soft, romantic, coiling curls of the traditional "dolly" hairstyle at the bottom half of the head, with the long, textured, shaggy layers of the traditional "rocker" hairstyle on top.
The focus of the style seems to be on motion in the look. Curving textured layers, blended with curly ringlet locks make for a very visually interesting style. The cut itself can be tamed down for daytime/business wear, and look very professional, but can be spiced up and made to go wild for parties and night-time fun.
The style looks to be best suited to those women with at least shoulder-length hair and longer would be better given the attrition in length due to the curls on the bottom of the style.
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