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Short Flat Graduation

Step by step guide on how to cut a short men's haircut with flat graduation from Stacey Broughton,
short haircut for men

This short men's haircut is a flat short graduated shape referencing basic barbering techniques, resulting in a neat tailored backdrop with flexible, moveable over hanging lengths for diversity of style...
Jack before the cut.
short men's hair cut - before the haircut short men's haircut - step 1
Step 1
Start with a vertical section in the side and work a tight square shape with the fingers. This initial line will provide a guide for later blending. Please note that Stacey chooses to work his section in two parts, starting with the top and working down to maintain angle accuracy.
Step 2
Continue with parallel vertical sections towards the front hairline, being careful to maintain your square finger angle in relation to the side of the head shape. This results in a flat graduated side area.
short men's haircut - step 2 short men's haircut - step 3
Step 3
Check your work visually. Be careful to check the shading which can indicate weight distribution, especially with barbering. Please note the squareness of both the vertical and horizontal aspects.
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