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Mid-Length Men's Haircut

Step by step guide on how to cut a mid-length basic layer men's haircut from Stacey Broughton,
medium length men's haircut

This men's haircut - a Jim Morrison inspired rock 'n' roll style - is a classic masculine mid-length basic layer softly framing the contours of the face which can be worn textured or straight...
Matthew before the cut.
mid-length men's haircut - before the cut medium length men's haircut - step 1
Step 1
In order to accommodate the natural characteristics of the hair, begin by refining the outlines. The outline sections are dependent on hair quality.
Step 2
Next, work on the outline in the side area. Create a horizontal section from the temple following the round of the head. Then create a vertical section from behind the ear and work parallel horizontal sections up to this line. Cut an angled line with tension in your fingers towards the point of the nose. Please note as the hair is textured, this length, when dry will sit on the bridge of the nose.
medium length men's haircut - step 2 medium length men's haircut - step 3
Step 3
Repeat this process on the second side checking the balance as you proceed.
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