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Invigorating Haircut

Step by step guide on how to cut a soft invigorating haircut with basic uniform layer, pivoting sections and disconnection from Stacey Broughton,
soft invigorating haircut

This basic layer demonstrates a simple method of working with over-direction on the outlines combined with a flawless headhugging internal balance to produce a soft but invigorating haircut.
Monica before the cut.
invigorating haircut - before the cut invigorating haircut - step 1
Step 1
Work from a centre section from the crown to the front hairline. Then work pivoting pie-sections from the crown all the way around the head.
Step 2
For accuracy work sections on both sides of the head first then work through to the back.
invigorating haircut - step 2 invigorating haircut - step 3
Step 3
Take the initial section from crown to front hairline and elevate it vertically cutting a square line.
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