"Prêt-à-Porter Makeover" by Steve Salon de Coiffure

Asian hair styles with extensions
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Medan City, Indonesia, is home to Steve Salon de Coiffure, which presents this collection of Asian hair makeovers that epitomize glamour and showcase the dramatic transformations achievable with today's advancements in beauty technology.
Five out of the six hairstyles incorporate hair extensions to enhance length and fullness, complementing the naturally silky hair. These looks combine various textural styling elements to create unique styles, utilizing color to accentuate hair shapes and shine or to add styling accents.
All the looks exude boldness, featuring volume and waves that contribute to flattering silhouettes for the hairstyles. Whether short and sassy or long and flowing, the hair consistently steals the show.

Coiled Hair Extensions

Asian hair extensions with coiling
The creative team at Steve Salon breathes new life and vibrancy into Ervida's long, shag style with a warmer, nutty-brown color and added length and texture. The upper layers around the crown and top sections are given deep, choppy texture and styled to create bends, initiating the blending process into the extension hair.
The extension lengths are predominantly styled into long, coiling strands that cascade forward across the shoulders and chest. The curls maintain their definition, mirroring the texture of the upper sections and shorter layers of the hair. The long, steeply angled fringe helps to balance an otherwise round face.

Hair Extensions with Waves

Asian hair extensions with smooth silky waves
Agin's triangular face is her most prominent facial feature. The design team at Steve Salon assists in balancing this by adding length to her asymmetrically cut hair, reshaping her silhouette to achieve a more harmonious look.
By incorporating a rich, spicy red color, the hair adds warmth and imparts a healthier glow to the skin of the face and upper body. The fringe is restructured into a broadly curved horizontal line, while the entire hairstyle is fashioned into smooth, silky waves that cascade outward at an angle away from the lower face, enhancing the appearance of a broader jawline.

Super Long Hair Extensions

Super long Asian hair extensions
Ellissa starts as a lovely girl in need of some pizzazz. Her short hair is cut in a simple contour, resulting in a flat and lifeless silhouette. To address this, Steve Salon incorporates super long extensions to add both length and volume to her hair.
The outcome is a luxurious head of beautiful curls. The center parting highlights the symmetry of her features, while the long, flowing tresses add height and create the illusion of a longer, more graceful neck. Overall, the look transforms Ellissa into a true movie star.

Curly Hair Extensions

Long curling hair extensions for fine and flat hair
Grace arrives for her makeover with shoulder-length hair that is fine and flat, hanging limp against her neck and shoulders. The long side-swept fringe doesn't flatter her round face. To address this, the Steve Salon team reshapes her fringe into a curved line that cascades deeply along the sides to frame her face.
Additionally, long, curling extensions are added to create a full, flowing effect in the lower lengths of her hair. The top section and fringe are distinguished by color and texture from the lower lengths, with a warm cinnamon shade serving as a focal point and accentuating the style, contrasting with the "s-curls" of the lower sections.

Short Asian Hair

Feminine Asian hair with a boyishly short length
Diana arrives for her makeover seemingly requiring the least significant change. However, the gamine short cut of Diana's hair undergoes a rework with added texturing, resulting in a choppy finish that responds well to high-volume styling.
Her broad face requires some elevation, so the top section is styled upward in choppy tendrils to address this need. Despite the boyishly short length, the pixie style retains its femininity thanks to the softness created by the texturing.

Hair Extensions for Fullness

Hair extensions with large curls and fullness
Santi initially sports a basic, blunt cut with a blocked-off fringe. The lines of these elements accentuate the width of her face and the breadth of her mouth, resulting in a heavier appearance in the lower sections.
To counter this, the design team incorporates extensions to add fullness and a touch of length, blending the hair into a voluminous style with large, bouncy curls. Combined with the drawn-back fringe, this creates an extended oval shape for the silhouette, nicely balancing her features. The repositioned focus redirects attention to the eyes instead of the mouth, resulting in an overall more flattering look.
Hair: Steve Salon de Coiffure - Medan
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