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Prêt-à-Porter Makeover Collection

Steve Salon de Coiffure

Medan City, Indonesia is the home of Steve Salon de Coiffure, which brings us this collection of makeover looks that are the height of glamour and show the dramatic changes possible with today's advances in beauty technology.
  • coiling hair extensions
  • wavy hair extensions
  • very long hair extensions
  • curling extensions for hair
  • boyishly-short hairstyle
  • hair extensions with curls
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Five of the six hairstyles feature extensions to add length and fullness to the silky natural hair. The looks combine textural styling elements to create unique looks and use color to enhance the shapes and shine of the hair or to create styling accents.
All the looks are bold, and the styling features volume and wave to give a flattering silhouette to the look. Whether short and sassy, or long and leonine, the hair is always a show-stopper.
Hair: Steve Salon de Coiffure - Medan
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