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Come Back to the Future

J.7 school collection

Short Hair is in Full Focus! Short tresses are the styles to have. Cuts by J.7 are balanced for perfect function with their simple styling and the emphasized textures. Their modern short cuts instantly draw all the attention to their glowing, intense colors.
These styles are made for fashion minded people who are self confident, positive and in harmony with all the many facets of their own personality. With their new looks the J.7 team aims to express a sophisticated connection between nature and technology, purism and punk. The shapes are reduced to their essential core and become the expression of a new authenticity.
  • sassy short hairdo
  • punky haircut
  • diagonally cut hair
  • steep angled bob
  • short punky hairstyle
  • pink haircolor
  • very short bangs
  • short spiky haircut
  • neo goth haircut
  • slicker front hairstyle for men
  • heavy pointed bangs
  • techno haircut
  • multitone haircolor
  • winged haircut
  • sleek punk style
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Cuts: The trend is all about short haircuts. Beginning with a convex nape the back and the side areas are layered horizontally and vertically. A strong layering around the crown aims at creating much texture. The fringe area is either very short or extra long.
Color: A combination of color intense base tones with metallic and phosphor effects.
Styling: The cuts can be perfectly modified through styling: clean chic or heavily textured.
Hairstyles: J.7 artistic team
Photos: Vlado Golub
Post Production: Steffen Müller
Outfit: Valerie Scholz
Styling: Nicole Czapalla