Summer '08 Haircollection by John Beerens

Hairstyles for summer
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The Summer Collection from John Beerens Hairstudio is all about motion. Through the use of bold color, soft waves, and deep texturing, the Beerens Team has created a series of beautiful hairstyles that will do nothing so much as add excitement to everyone's summer.
The colors are rich and inviting, and the hair is richly textured, regardless of the individual style. There are styles for every hair type, from the curliest hair to the stick straight strands (as well as everywhere in between).

Long Hairstyle for Men

Long men's hairstyle with layers and razor texturing
Beautiful summer hairstyles for girls and boys
We begin with a men's long-haired look. While not "truly" long-haired by objective standards, the 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) of length in this haircut is long for the traditional men's cuts. The hair is layered in a "long-layered" technique, creating increasing lengths toward to lower portions of the head.
The layers are then textured heavily using a razor tool to give the ends a soft finish and allow for some movement and definition using the natural wave pattern of the hair. The look is one of romance and abandon, while being inherently masculine in its rugged silhouette and wild styling.

Funky Short Hairstyle

Funky and steeply tapered short pixie haircut
Sharp, straight and shocking are all words that can describe the look shown here. The steeply tapered style is short without being gamine, and is textured to provide soft edges that are also funky and exciting. However, the central focus of this hairstyle is the "Shock-Lock" in the foreground.
A vibrant, cherry-tomato red in a large block adds color and emphasis to the style without being "too much". The styling is achieved with a volumizing product used during the drying, and a touch of wax-based product for a defined and textured finish.

Sassy and Energetic Curls

Curly hairstyle with spirals and a natural feel
Long hairstyles with a light airy feel
Here's proof that curls can be sassy and energetic, while being soft and lovely at the same time. The Beerens Team has given us a curly hairstyle that any curl-lover would die for. The hair is voluminous with the masses of spiraling coils, but at the same time never appears frizzy or anything but beautifully coiffed.
Layered for even distribution of the bulk, the hair is styled with an organic, imminently natural feel. The silhouette is asymmetrical, and the curls themselves vary in size. Whether this is a naturally occurring wave that is enhanced by the cut and style, or a style created entirely in the salon, the results are stunning.

Long Loose Waves

Long hairstyle with loose waves and light airy curls
Long layers and flowing waves are watchwords for this long hairstyle. The soft-brown locks are layered to create lots of visual balance, while the hair is styled to give the maximum in long, loose waves. The look is romantic and the curls are light and airy. You can easily imagine the soft breeze tousling the long wavy strands on the beach.
The hair is styled for volume in the top and crown and scrunched to maximize the natural wave of the hair. A touch of product is used after to give definition to the curl and offer a little extra hold to the style.

Spicy Red-Haired Style

Long layered hairstyle with airiness for curly hair
Rich, lush, and as vibrant and warm as a summer sunset; this spicy red-haired style is a real head-turner. The curly hair is cut in a long, layered style to balance and evenly distribute the volume of hair on the head, and the layers are textured to soften the ends and give an airy quality to the overall look.
The hair color is enhanced by subtle lightening around the face to create a framing effect and deepen the dimensions of the color. The hair is styled by application of a diffused blow-dryer and scrunching to maximize the wave and create a defined, textural finish with a lot of lift and airiness.
Hair: Team John Beerens Hairstudio - Tilburg
Hairproducts Man: Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming Men
Hairproducts Women: CHI by Farouk Systems USA
Make-up: Marc Lubach voor Pupa
Photography: Paul Bekkers
Models: Pebbles, Suzanne, Sabine, Liza en Elroy
Apparel: Gio-Goi
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