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The idea behind this Intercoiffure Mondial collection is discovering new ideas and surprises. The styles are a transition between borders. Hair is the ultimate expression of style and independence. The collection plays with using different cultures for inspiration, creating hairstyles that transcend all barriers.
The hairstyles in this collection are easily transformed. There are no limits to what you can do with these layered locks. Emphasize your wild side or wear a more reserved hairdo for a romantic evening out. The "Elements" collection seeks to inspire. The looks are wild and mysterious, giving each individual a sense of their own personality.
All elements are represented in the hairstyles. Fire is seen by the coloring effects. Ice is seen in a short style with cool blond colors. Air is represented through breezy curls.

Air - Curly Hair

Free flowing short hairstyle with curls and layers
Short haircut with layers for curly hair
The first of the elements, Air, is represented by this young woman. The style is free-flowing curls and layers. The short hairstyle is elegant and flowery, representing the gentle flow of a nice summer breeze.

Earth - Short Haircut

Side view of a short haircut with a natural expression
Beautiful short hair with layers
The short pixie haircut is used on this woman to represent the element of earth. The short and sleek hairstyle represents the natural expression of the earth. Touched with gentle layers throughout, the cut is in perfect harmony with nature.

Ice - Semi-Short Hairstyle

Jagged semi-short hairstyle
Young style for semi-short hair
Short blonde hair with gray streaks
Semi-short fashion hairstyle with layers
This young woman is wearing the Ice hairstyle of the elements collection. This look is extreme, just like the element that it represents.
A somewhat short-layered style adds a sense of lightness. The style is jagged and seems undone, just the way ice is formed.

Fire - Flamboyant Waves

Short hair with layers and waves
The element of fire is sensual and sexy and is represented through the use of magnificent hair coloring effects. The haircut is short and styled in waves to represent the burning hot flames of a fire. Truly, the most dangerous of the elements, this look captures the sensation of fire.

Fire - Sleek Male Hairstyle

Sleek long hairstyle for men
Fire is again represented on the hairstyle worn by this young man. The haircut is long and sleek. The look offers expression for a man who is caught between the business world and nature.
Hairstyle Photos: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Artistic Team:
Erico Suzuki - Japan
Krister Hertzbrg - Sweden
Fran├žois Mazeau - France
Lee McConnell for Willi Kuhn - Switzerland
John Gialluisi for Mario Tricoci - America
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