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Hiusmuotoilu Point Hairstyles

Not only the saunas are hot in Finland!
In a recent study by Reader's Digest Finland was voted to be the best country to live in. The sixth largest country in Europe has come a long way and went through many changes over the past decades. More and more Finnish designers get the attention that they deserve and the fashion world is booming in and outside of Helsinki.
  • tapered layers hairdo
  • long copper color hair
  • platinum color bob
  • daring hair color
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Hairfashion of the Nordic kind is creative, unusual, controversial, playful and so very desirable. The "Studio 2007" collection by the Point Hair Salon of Helsinki is as full with refreshing contrasts as the country of their origin. The Point Stylists venture on new paths and break all the rules to create works of pristine beauty.
Forget straight lines, rules and traditions. Extreme cuts, mixed textures, adventurous plays with contrasting colors, straight and curly, angled and tousled. Point Salon asks you to be daring and inspired.
Hairstyles: Hiusmuotoilu Point - Helsinki