Gaudi Elements by Intercoiffure Mondial

Spanish hairstyles
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Barcelona is a city of culture and elegance, yet it's also a place for individualists to shine. The blend of tradition with eccentricity offers unique takes on hairstyles that cannot be replicated in any other city around the world.
"Gaudi Elements" takes the extreme nature of hair designs in the city to another level. Combining elegance with pure stubbornness to be different, the collection offers truly innovative designs.
The hairstyles complement the looks of glamorous Spanish women. The colors are all complementary to skin tones and textures, giving these hairstyles pure sophistication.
Cuts are designed to highlight the facial features. Ultimately, a hairstylist is simply an artist, and it's their job to make every individual look their best. They achieve this by implementing a cut that showcases favorable features and offers unique individuality.
The styles in this collection represent the unique artistic community of the city. Using fun hair colors and highlights mixed together, they offer a true artist's palette for perfection.

Long Layered Hair

Long layered haircut with different lengths
Long hair with different lengths
The long layered haircut introduces a dynamic twist to the classic style, creating an intriguing visual appeal. With its varying lengths of hair, it presents a captivating color contrast that adds depth and dimension. Overall, the look is both artistic and beautiful, offering a modern interpretation of a timeless favorite.

Fluid Short Haircut

Messy short haircut with layers and volume
Hairstyles for young fashion minded women
This young woman exudes daring individuality. Her fluid short haircut features a blend of layered textures, enhancing both volume and dimension. Transitioning from dark to light hues adds further definition to the style. The overall effect is a captivating blend of messy rebellion and sophisticated charm.

Long Layered Haircut

Long layered haircut that frames the face
Long hair styled behind the ears
Layered haircuts for long hair offer volume and sophistication. This young woman's look is both simple and elegant. Her cascading blond locks, expertly fringed at perfect angles, delicately frame her face, resulting in a simply stunning appearance.

Star Effect Crown

Long hair spiked towards the back for a star effect
Spiked haircuts for young women
This young woman is sporting a bold and rebellious star-effect crown hairstyle. The hair is spiked towards the back of the head, creating a unique star effect.
The long sides feature a wonderful blend of dark and light colors, providing the perfect contrast for this stunning style.

Short Hairstyle with Streaks

Short layered hairstyle with streaks of longer hair
For a fresh take on a short hairstyle, this layered haircut offers fantastic texture and volume. Streaks of longer hair throughout add a wild yet manageable touch.
Highlighted colors throughout the layers give this look an artistic flair.

Semi-Long Men's Hairstyle

Semi-long men's hairstyle with layers
This young man is sporting a semi-long style that exudes sex appeal. The hair is layered throughout to enhance texture and volume, while the blend of simple and elegant brown tones adds sophistication.
Hairstyles: © Intercoiffure Mondial
Haistyles created by Manuel Mon and Imagen Galindo Peluquerias for Revlon Professional
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