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Hairstyles Created by the Sanrizz International Team

Clear silhouettes, precise cutting lines, classic ideas with a touch that is just out of this world. The lines are organic, rounded, but never predictable. Assymetry is one key element in this energetic mix bringing the air of the unique and hidden knowledge to the look.
  • shiny black bob
  • short rounded haircut
  • daring hairdo
  • one eye covered
  • short hairstyle
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In this line the hair does not fall free, it is strongly controlled and styled into a well designed shape reflecting modern art, rebellion, class and sacred individuality. The level of vibration runs high with these daring hairstyles and underlines our connection to the elements around us.
The colors are glowing and the hair is as shiny as can be for these "esoteric" looks.
Hair: Sanrizz Artistic Team
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