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Strongly layered  hair
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Trend Report
Bernd Nicolaisen, Moving Hair Creative Director says: 'The Moving Hair Art Team created looks that are all about contrast. Clear, classic shapes meet femininity and lightness.' Moving Hair emphasizes asymmetrical, trapeze-shaped haircuts with strongly structured volume. The focus is on 'Bob Play': the ultimate sexy way to play with fringes around the face.
The Cut: Trapeze Shapes
New hairstyles feature strong layering, beginning at the crown area. The contours are lightly softened using a chipping technique (tip cut), yet they maintain clarity and a touch of classic shape. Rounded baselines, complemented by long V-shaped fringes, create a dramatic effect in the individual look. While reminiscent of the 80s in their shape and expression, the varied hair contours are far from boyish; they add definition and character within the new hair trend. This wonderful balance in the cut renders them truly distinctive!
Futuristic Colors - Increased Effects - Moon Lights
Breaking new ground: the sickle-shaped "Moon-Lights" by Moving Hair elevate the fusion of cut and color. Embracing the trend of the season, they blend warm copper tones with cool and iridescent violet nuances. Ranging from subtle hues in deep browns to light-filled, marbled ash blonde shades, or more dramatic contrasts with long-stretched "futuristic colors," the shine effects are intensified when paired with the cut.
Youthful Elegance
The trend: volume - sweeter than ever before! The creatively crafted volume waves transform even fine hair into a celebrity-worthy mane. A side parting frames the face, accentuating the best features. Moving Hair is bringing a touch of classic shapes back to the streets.

Contrasting Hair Colors

Short hair with bright contrasting colors
Bangs resembling a tongue of fire, contrasting hair colors as bright as they can be, and a silhouette that defies convention. The short hair is layered into a round shape with a large "swoosh" flowing onto the face. Bright red with pink and golden accents shine even more against a dark base.

Hairstyle with Spice

New short hairstyle with different lengths and a play of colors
Choppy yet controlled, undeniably unique and creative, this new short hairstyle draws its energy from varying lengths and slightly disheveled tresses. The interplay of colors is intriguing, reminiscent of nature's finest artistry. Dark mocha and warm copper hues are combined with a dreamy purple, adding a touch of spice to this look.

Fresh Short Haircut

Super trendy short hairstyle
Fresh, sassy, and leaving a lasting impression. Short cropped parts interact harmoniously with the precision-cut sides and bangs. The hairstyle is elevated to super trendy status with its blend of hair colors, ranging from icy blonde to a warm hazelnut latte, sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon.

Hair Color Contrast

Asymmetrical hairstyle with contrasting colors in copper and gold
Nothing is off-balance with this asymmetrical hairstyle. Clear and precise contours are softened through finely feathered ends and carefully crafted layers. The cutting line runs diagonally across the face and neck area. The colors contrast beautifully in delightful warm copper and gold tones, with a zest inspired by tangy pomegranate nuances.

Wild and Whimsical Hairstyle

Wild and whimsical face framing hairstyle
Turn heads with a super sassy combination of wild and whimsical. Long and very straight tassels, cut in choppy layers, surround thick, lightly rounded bangs that bring out your best features by gently framing your face.
Wispy ends on top and on the sides bring lightness and playfulness to the hairstyle. The hair colors feature a warm brown accentuated with silverish blonde highlights.

Trapeze-Shaped Bob

Trapeze shaped bob with fluffy curls
Blueberry delight in a classic yet modern trapeze-shaped bob. Light and fluffy curls are romantic, feisty, and rebellious all at once. The top center and the bangs are straight, maintaining their thickness due to a blunt cut. Strands in blueberry and electric blue complement the very dark base hair color well.

Wearable Art Hairstyle

Feathery hair with ash blonde tones and silvery accents
Turn your hair into wearable art. Picassoesque lines overlap and flow from heavy and diagonal to edgy and feathery. Light layers on top disrupt the heaviness and bring movement to the creation. Light and dimension are created by a subtle harmony of ash blonde tones with silvery accents and a golden finish.

Veil of Silk Hair

Straight and sleek hair with feathered tips
Like a veil of silk, the shine and glow result from a harmonious play of espresso brown and bright gold blonde with a dash of copper. The hair is balanced with contrasting lines of feathered tips and a straight, tapered side. The silhouette is straight and sleek.

Rockmantic Hairstyle

Long blonde hair with the ends turned outward
Be a tease. Or at least tease your long hair to elevate it to new heights. Long layers, starting at eye level, gain volume through teasing at the roots. The ends are turned outward, and the hair is styled slightly diagonally across the face.
A not-so-innocent platinum blonde serves as the base color, enhanced with sections in ash and honey blonde. A true 'rockmantic' hairstyle.

Military Hairstyle

Military hairstyle for men with buzzed and cropped sides
You'll have a lot of women wanting to touch your head with this buzzed and cropped haircut. Shorter than military bristles on the sides and in the back, the hair just invites examining hands. The top is longer but still cropped close to the head. The hairstyle gets its movement with a handful of gel, pulling all the hair forward with the fingers.

Cool Men's Hairstyle

Cool men's hairstyle with long layers
Being romantic without losing your cool comes easy with this new hairstyle. Long layers, elegantly yet casually swept forward and textured at the ends, form a rounded silhouette with long bangs. The base color is a walnut shade, with silvery to golden strands adding more texture and an irresistible glow.

Trendsetters Hairstyle for Men

Men's hairstyle for trendsetters who dare to stand out
Not just for techno-geeks. A diagonally styled front part distracts the eye from the bangs, straight as if cut with a ruler. The inner structure contradicts the strict and straight outer shape. A hairstyle for trendsetters and true individualists who dare to stand out, be controversial, and make a statement.
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