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Nicole Abela Hairstyles Collection

The collection of hairstyles by Nicole Abela at Hair Machine, Norwood, Australia demonstrates the versatility of hair design, using texture and volume and smoothness and shine in all its forms to create extravagant looks that catch the eye and hold the attention. These looks are the bleeding edge of hair fashion and represent the artist's keen eye for esthetics.
  • photo of tightly-wound curls
  • photo of topiry hair
  • photo of short hair with rich color
  • photo of face framing haircut
  • photo of rock star haircut
  • photo of hairstyle with a lot of volume
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These are not looks for the feint of heart, but make statements of individuality and personality that cannot be denied. Some may be more pleasing to the mainstream than others, but when all is said and done, these styles will linger in the mind, long after the models walk away.
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