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Nadia De Marco Hairstyles Collection

Nadia De Marco brings us a vision of style that is structured and bold, with a very urban feel. Her cuts are definitive and edgy, while the colors are bold and metallic. The finished looks are sculpted more than styled and are perfect for the woman who means business about the statement she wants her look to make.
  • photo of hairstyle with backswept sides
  • photo of hairstyle with elongated bun
  • photo of a contrasting look hairstyle
  • photo of a feathery haircut
  • photo of hairstyle with coils
  • photo of hairstyle suitable for a short face
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This is not a look for the tea and sandwiches crowd, but the hip, young, urban women who know what they want, how to get it, and what to do with it once it's theirs. Girls, these are NOT your mother's hairstyles.
Hair: Nadia De Marco, Hair Machine, North Adelaide, Australia