Nadia De Marco for Hair Machine

Hip and young hair for women
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Nadia De Marco brings us a vision of style that is structured and bold, with a very urban feel. Her haircuts are definitive and edgy, while the colors are bold and metallic.
The finished looks are sculpted more than styled and are perfect for the woman who means business about the statement she wants her look to make. This is not a look for the tea and sandwiches crowd, but the hip, young, urban women who know what they want, how to get it and what to do with it once it's theirs.
Girls, these are NOT your mother's hairstyles.

Upswept Fringe and Forelocks

Hairstyle with an upswept fringe and backswept sides
This is a truly "cool" hairstyle, with a softly textured layer-cut, blown-out straight and styled for volume. The platinum blonde bleached locks feature snow-white highlights perfect for the pale-toned skin of the snow princess. The upswept fringe and forelocks and back-swept sides give the impressions of windblown drifts or perhaps a snowstorm.
The look is one that is carefully created and is suited to women with very fine textured hair. The added volume in the styling gives the illusion of thicker more luxurious hair and the soft curving lines give a strong impression of added body and movement to the style.

Curved Fringe and Elongated Bun

Updo with a curved under fringe and an elongated bun
We start with golden blonde hair and add layer upon layer of highlights and lowlights until the hair simply begins to shimmer with its own light. Then we blow the hair out straight using structuring product to add texture and keep the locks smooth as we craft the sculpture you see before you.
Note how the fringe is curved under and styled to mimic the elongated bun shape at the crown of the head. Note also how the smooth, sleek styling is accentuated by the free tendrils along the edges of each rolled section.
This is the non-conformist's conservative updo. It is carefully structured, with clean lines and curved rolls, with loose tendrils to add interest and imperfection.

Wide-Swept Fringe

Long hairstyle with a wide-swept fringe and heavy razor-texture
These rich red locks are smoldering hot and the illusion of flame carries forward as the color grows paler toward the ends of the hair at the sides and in the back. The layered cut features a wide-swept fringe and heavy razor-textures. The cut is styled for volume on the right side, and for sleek smoothness on the left, in a combination of asymmetry that creates a contrasting look.
Here's a look for the woman who dances to her own beat. It's a perfect hairstyle for the individualist and is customizable to suit any sense of individual esthetic. Again, this isn't going to appeal to the mainstream market, but the avant-garde will flock to it.

Hairstyle with a Soft Feathery Effect

Short ruby red hair styled for a soft feathery effect
This short hair look is all about texture and color. This heavily layered cut is even more heavily textured and styled to create a soft feathery effect in the hair. The addition of luscious ruby red color under the sable black creates an interesting design and blending effect. The look is at once exotic and enticing. Note the subtle texturing in the fringe, creating a translucent effect (you can just make out the line of the eye brows through the semi-sheer curtain of fringe).
This is a hairstyle that might translate more readily into use with more mainstream types. This is because much of the more exotic elements can be toned down with styling. It makes a perfect style for the young woman who wants a look she can dress up or dress down as the occasion calls for by adjusting the styling techniques.

Romantic Hairstyle with Coils

Long romantic hairstyle with curls and coils
Curls, curls and more curls is the best way to describe this lightly layered long hairstyle. In this look, the hair has been styled into a mass of carefully crafted curls. These are not your run-of-the-mill curls either, but rather firm, long-lasting, cleanly defined coils that drape wonderfully and hold their shape through lots of movement.
The look is seductive and romantic and can never be mistaken for a 5-minute hairdo. These curls take time. They say, "I spent some real effort to look this good, because I'm worth it."

Soft Curving Lines

Hair with soft curving lines that make the face appear longer
This razor-cut, layered hairstyle is remarkable for its smooth finish and the dimension of metallic color throughout. The soft blonde base is energized with golden highlights and lowlights in shades of bronze and copper. The combination gives the hair a glimmering warmth and radiance that brings it to life. The soft curving lines around the face and the razor-texture create a soft framing for the features.
The smooth lines of the styling create a vertical emphasis that draws the eye and makes the face appear longer, and so the style is great for those with squared or shorter faces. The simple styling also makes the look good for those who have finely textured hair as it enables the hair to keep as much bulk as possible without artificially adding volume.
Hair: Nadia De Marco, Hair Machine, North Adelaide, Australia
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