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Damien Rinaldo Hairstyles Collection

Damien Rinaldo's collection of hair designs are simply that: Designs. These hairstyles are works of art created using the truest elements of the media present and thus are each unique and different. With styles that range from the super-sleek straight to full-volume curls, Damien manages to create modern, edgy looks that flatter the model who wears them.
  • photo of textured haircut
  • photo of hairstyle with curls
  • photo of short edgy hairstyle
  • photo of precision bob
  • photo of short hairstyle with texture
  • photo of cutting edge haircut
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He appears unafraid of anything, taking on challenges many stylists would cringe at. His use of color and highlighting is bold and inventive, combining rich shimmering tones to earthy base colors for a stunning result. The finished styles are beautifully tailored to suit the face, and qualify more as works of art than simply "hairdos"
Hair: Damien Rinaldo, Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
Make-up: Dale Dorning
Photography: Oz
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